The Food Our Children Eat

Pretty much every parent worries about what their children eat. Get a group of new mums together and pretty soon the discussion will work its way around to weaning. What should you give them? How much? How often? It gets no better as the kids get older. They eat too much or too little or too much junk or not enough vegetables……..

These are the issues that Joanna Blythman addresses in her book The Food Our Children Eat. Blythman is an investigative food journalist who has won several awards for her writing. In this book she takes up the cudgels on our behalf against the food industry which influences our children’s eating habits more and more the older they get.

‘How to Get Children to Like Good Food’ is the subtitle of this book. The first question the book asks is how did we get to the current situation where it is accepted that children will only eat junk? Once we realise that this is the mindset that we have to change, then we can change our children’s eating habits.

This is a book of practical help on how to persuade children to eat well, but first we have to change our attitude that the battle is already lost. From the moment we regularly choose baby food over the food we prepare ourselves we are beginning to believe that kids food is somehow ‘different’.

There are suggestions for not only presenting our children with good food but persuading them away from the dark side! There are plenty of sneaky tricks listed here – quite right too, this is too important to play strictly by the rules. Do you suppose the food manufacturers play fair?

Once you have got your children into good habits, next you have to try and see that all your good work is not wrecked by childminders, playgroups and schools. There are plans included to campaign for better food in each of these situations. Finally there is even more practical help in the shape of some useful recipes – such as Ten Good Drinks, Twenty-Five Good Snacks and Ten Good Packed Lunches. There are also recipes to get the kids interested in cooking too.

If you are concerned about the food your children eat, this book will both fire you with enthusiasm and give you the ammunition to slay the junk-food dragon.

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About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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