Tantrums -
Practical Parenting Problem Solver

By Eileen Hayes

‘A whole book on tantrums?’ asks the author at the beginning. Yes, a whole book, because every child is different and will need different handling when they have a tantrum. And the more you understand about tantrums, the better position you are in to deal with them. So, how does this book help you?

Tantrums - Practical Parenting Problem Solvers

Eileen Hayes is a parenting expert, journalist and parenting advisor to the NSPCC. She writes in an easily digestible style, and this book is full of tips, lists and personal experiences of parents who have had to deal with tantrums.

Why so much interest in tantrums? The book begins with an overview of some research into childhood tantrums which have made a link between behaviour problems as a child, and later adult violent or delinquent behaviour. This is not to scare you, but to make you realise that with good parenting it is not inevitable that a child who is prone to tantrums will go off the rails as an adult.

The book starts by helping you to understand why your child has a tantrum. This leads on to show you ways to deal with a tantrum that respects your child’s feelings whilst dealing with the tantrum firmly. There is also advice on spotting trigger points for tantrums so that they can largely be avoided. You can learn how to see when a tantrum is brewing up as well, so that you can use diversion to stop it becoming major.

Finally, not only can you find out how to use positive parenting with your children but how to deal with your own feelings about your children’s tantrums, and your response to them.

A whole book on tantrums? Yes, because what works for one child will not work for another. Within the same family the children can have wildly differing temperaments and require quite different handling. If you are looking for ways to deal with your child’s tantrums in a well written, concise way, this could be just the book you are looking for.

Find Tantrums at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

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