Playtime Activities

If you are looking for a book to give you loads of ideas for things to do with the children during school holidays, half-term or just a wet weekend, this is an excellent book to have tucked away. It is jam-packed with ideas for drawing, painting and modelling. Never again should the expression ‘Mum, I’m boooooored!’ be heard.

Usborne Playtime Activities

The book is a collection of four separate books, 'I can Cut and Stick', 'I can Crayon', 'I can finger-paint' and 'I can Draw Animals'. Each is available separately, but this bumper book comes in at less than the price of two of the separate editions.

You can guess from the section titles that there are suggestions for drawing with crayons and pencils, model building and collages, painting and mixed media ideas.

There are lots of great suggestions to use for various occasions during the year. For Christmas there are decorations to make and a snow picture, for fireworks night a rocket, a bonfire and fireworks pictures. There are lots of spooky Halloween spiders and a super owl in a tree and for Easter, ideas for a 3D chick Easter card, decorated eggs and lots of little chicks to draw too.

There are also some puppet makes which could, with a little encouragement, initiate a whole project involving making a puppet theatre and scripting a play.

This book is also the perfect crib for parents who are inundated with questions like ‘How do I draw a flamingo Mummy?’ and could give a year’s worth of ideas for someone involved in running a playgroup, nursery or toddler group.

A lovely book for sparking off ideas, and should build any child (or parent’s!) confidence in drawing, as the diagrams and explanations are friendly and simple.

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