Parenting for Dummies

by Dan & Sandra Gookin

The ‘For Dummies’ series of books started off as the antidote to the thick, heavy manuals that came with software, or the doorstop books that were the only thing available if you wanted to learn a computer language. They wrote instruction books that were as easy to read as they were to lift.

They have now branched out into every area of life, and ‘Parenting for Dummies’ is their guide, written by parents for parents.

Parenting For Dummies

As with all these books, this book takes a light-hearted and often quite irreverent look at the range of parenting dilemmas from what to do when you bring your first child home from the hospital to dealing with teenagers.

There are the usual range of icons, but don’t worry, the geeky guy with the glasses does not raise his finger once (well, only on the cover). Instead there are icons for words of wisdom, helpful hints and parent approved products and organisations.

The book covers everything, from behaviour management to toilet training, making your house safe to what to feed the little darlings.

Now this book is inevitably quite general since it tries to cover such a broad range of parenting topics, but it still manages to pack in a huge amount of information due to its concise writing style and use of checklists, headed paragraphs and boxes for those important points.

There is a real sense of fun running through this book and it has lots of laughs, including the traditional ‘for Dummies’ Cartoons. And yes, there is The Part of Tens at the end too.

This book would make a great gift to expectant or new parents, especially anyone familiar with the ‘for Dummies’ books, for whom there will be an extra dimension to the humour. The entertaining and humorous approach to the subject would be perfect for whiling away those last weeks of pregnancy, and it will be great to have to hand for all those parenting emergencies.

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