How to Raise A Bright Child

The title of this book could be read in two different ways. The first is how to bring your child up to somehow make them ‘bright’. Indeed one of the aims of this book is to maximise your child’s intelligence and ensure that they realise all their potential. The second is what to do if you find you have a bright child and want to know how to deal with it!

Both of these aims are addressed in this book, both how to ensure that a bright child’s talents are recognised, and how to handle a very bright or gifted child to ensure that they also can develop their talents to the full.

The book begins pre-birth with the factors that are common to bright children, from their family situation and birth position, to how to look after your baby to encourage their love of learning from a young age. The book moves on through toddlerhood with practical suggestions for things to do with your child, as well as how to expand a discussion to help your child to develop thinking skills.

The book discusses the characteristics of bright children so that you can determine if your child is bright or gifted, and her suggestion that you keep records of your child’s development would also be a good idea to stop most parents worrying too!

A bright child’s experience of school will probably be the biggest factor in developing their lively minds. The book discusses preparing your child for school, the benefits of a good nursery education and how parents can continue to encourage their child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge in tandem with their schoolwork.

Finally it discusses how to work alongside your school to ensure a bright child is not bored or discouraged by teaching methods that do not suit the enquiring mind. There are suggestions for how to create extra opportunities for your child if the school does not participate in any gifted children programmes. The book concludes with some fascinating observations on school from a number of bright children who took part in a study by the author. Many show both a surprising and saddening experience of being a bright child, and demonstrates how Dr Freeman’s assertion that a flexible teaching situation is often the most effective for a bright child.

‘How to Raise a Bright Child’ is written in a friendly and jargon-free way, and is an interesting and thought-provoking read on maximising your child’s potential.

How to Raise a Bright Child is available at

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