The Great Games Book

The Great Games Book

There must be hundreds and hundreds of games in the world. Ones you loved as a kid, ones that you maybe want to teach your kids, new ones to learn. If you love to play games, if you are looking for ideas for games for a party or for your kids to play on a rainy day, this is a perfect book.

So many of the games you buy today are either poor quality or expensive – so why not get the kids to make their own game, then play with it?

The Great Games Book by Susan Adams will show you how. It has the directions and rules for over 30 games.

There are instructions for making classic games such as ‘Spillikins’, ‘Tic Tac Toe’ (Nine Men’s Morris) and ‘Limbo’. Then there are games you may not know, such as 'Drop the Hankie' from India, ‘Cattle Stockade’, an running game from Botswana and ‘Cows and Leopards’, a board game that can be easily made, from Sri Lanka.

The international flavour continues with games from all over the world including Africa, Iceland, China, New Zealand, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

To work off some energy you could try ‘ Golden Gate’, a Tug-O-War game, or make a bird to play the Korean game ‘Kick the Bird’, a sort of Keepsie-Upsie game.

For something quieter make ‘Mancala’, a board game from Africa or ‘Hyena Chase’, a game based around the nomadic travels of the Sudanese in search of water.

You can make your own Ghanaian swingball-type game from things which you may have in your shed or garage. Closer to home there are rules for Victorian marbles games as well as sack races, hopscotch, wheelbarrow races and scissors, rock, stone.

The book is lavishly illustrated with step-by-step instructions to make the games as well as the instructions for how to play. Author Susan Adams has researched games as both a designer of activity kits and as a mother looking for games for her children to play. This book is a mixture of well known and unusual games which will keep children amused for hours.

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