The Good Nanny Guide

The Complete Handbook on Nannies, Au Pairs, Mother's Helps, Childminders and Day Nurseries

The Good Nanny Guide

Of all the issues which stress parents, from pregnancy onwards, the question of childcare is one of the most difficult. Even if you have not yet decided whether to go back to work, childcare will surely be a big influencing factor in your final decision.

Unless you are one of the lucky few with a wonderful mother/sister/auntie who is begging to look after baby and pack you off to work, choosing childcare will be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make.

The Good Nanny Guide has been the definitive guide to hiring and firing a Nanny since 1988. Since then this book, now in its fifth edition, has expanded to cover all types of child care and anyone you might consider employing to work in your home. The book covers every possibility from Day and Live-in Nannies, Au Pairs, Mother’s Helps, Nurseries and Childminders.

The bulk of the book is based on Nannies, however much of the advice is relevant to anyone you might employ even if you are just considering a cleaner for a few hours a week. There are a huge number of considerations when employing someone to look after your precious bundles, and this book will ease you through them all, from advising you where to advertise for your nanny and how to use an agency, onto how to interview and choose your nanny. It tells you what is realistic to expect from your nanny and what is unreasonable. It will also help you to decide what is acceptable to you. The importance of setting and applying your own House Rules to any employee is underlined frequently. There is advice on what will cause friction with your nanny and how to handle them leaving.

The authors have interviewed many people for this book, from nannies and au pairs to those that employ them, run the agencies and train them. There are many quotes from both sides, from Nanny Horror Stories to the ones who truly become part of the family, and everything in between.

Do you know the difference between and Au Pair, a Mother’s Help and other types of domestic help? The Good Nanny Guide gives clear definitions, covers legal matters as well as how to manage your employee. If you need someone to help you through the first few weeks after giving birth, you can discover the duties of and how to find a maternity nurse (You’ll need to book them about 9 months in advance!)

The book concludes with Nanny Nitty Gritty - how to deal with tax, National Insurance and how to write a contract. There is a useful list of agencies, an explanation of the different qualifications so that you can decipher your nannies CV, and a run-down of the scope of courses run by different colleges, from the world renowned Norland Nursery Training College to local college and school based qualifications.

If after reading all that you decide that a nanny is not for you, you will also find advice on how to choose a nursery or a childminder, with checklists of what to look out for and what questions to ask before you make your decision.

There is a huge amount to consider when you choose someone to spend so much time with your family, especially your children. The Good Nanny Guide will help you to consider all the aspects (many of which you may not have considered), and gives no-nonsense advice on how to deal with problems as they arise, with safety and the best care for your child at the forefront.

The Good Nanny Guide is available at

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