The Contented Little Baby
Book of Weaning

by Gina Ford

One of the biggest topics that new mums worry about is feeding their baby. No sooner have you got the hang of feeding, and people start talking about weaning. There is a myriad of differing advice available and a huge variety of baby food products on the shelves. It is no-wonder that many of us were confused about what to give our babies to eat. Furthermore since many people like me knew almost nothing about cooking when we became mothers (what’s a puree anyway?).

Gina Ford has stepped into the breach to help us with a book devoted to weaning. Best known for her belief in routine, those who are ‘doing Gina Ford’ can fit her weaning schedule into their child’s routine.

This book however is not just for Ford’s devotees. Anyone who is weaning their child will find this book extremely useful. It has all the information that you need on when to start weaning, what foods to start with and when to try new foods.

You will be relieved to hear that her advice is pretty much in line with your Health Visitor’s advice! The advantage of this book is that you have all the information you need, spelt out clearly in case your memory is still not what it was pre-pregnancy.

You will be guided month by month on what your baby should and should not be fed, how to prepare it, sterilise the equipment you need and how to freeze batches to save you time later.

Naturally for strict adherents to her regime there is a day by day routine giving times for feeds and sleeps so that you can carry on her methods if they are working for you. Ford is against the regular use of commercial baby food, although pragmatic enough to agree that the occasional jar in an emergency won’t harm your child. There is also a selection of recipes which are included in her suggested menu plans.

Nutrition is, of course, of great importance during weaning and the book contains an extensive section on the various foods which you will be feeding your child on during the first year. For each one there is information on their nutritional value, how to choose, prepare, cook and store them. This section is invaluable since preparation of some foods may be new to you. I really wish I had had all this information at my fingertips when I was weaning my firstborn.

The Contented Little Baby Book of Weaning is available from

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