Dorothy Einon's Pre-School Play Book

Dorothy Einon's Pre-school Play Book

Dorothy Einon is a lecturer in psychology at University College London. She has researched the psychology of learning, has studied and taught child development and written several books on child development and play. This book is a comprehensive collection of games, and things to make and do with pre-schoolers.

This book does not have anything especially new, it is children's games 101. It is most useful as a reminder of how to do things if you haven't played them since you were a child, or to suggest to your own kids when they go 'Mum I'm bored.... '

If you need to be reminded of the rules of games, or need a memory jog of how to do something the kids did at nursery, this is a great book. This book will give you the recipe for play dough, how to do marbling and even shows you how to make candles from items which you could have a round the house, which looks great fun.

The book is arranged by age with sections on Birth to two years, Two to five years, and Six years and on. There is also an index of all the games listing quiet ones which can be played alone and which require supervision, and noisy ones to play alone and with others.

The book is liberally illustrated and would I think be extremely useful for childminders, playgroup and nursery workers who need to find ways to occupy children in a structured way. Each game, as well as being described has an explanation of the skills which will be developed. However children will find all these games fun, which is surely the most important thing.

Many of the games are old-fashioned party games and lots would also be suitable for a creative party. This book would be a boon for anyone who looks after children

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