A Contented House with Twins

The rate of multiple births occurring world wide is thought to be around 1 in 80 births, or about 1.25%.

A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford and Alice Beer

The other 98.75% of us with only one baby to contend with find pretty soon after the birth that some sort of routine helps us to stay sane in those early months, and thousands of parents have found that Gina Ford’s suggested routines have helped them and their babies.

When television presenter Alice Beer gave birth to twin girls she found that she was ‘drowning in washing, feeding and sleeping’.Then she discovered Ford’s original Contented Little Baby Book and began to put the routines into practice.Within weeks, sanity was restored to the lives of her, her husband and her babies.

When Gina Ford and Alice Beer finally met, they realised that Alice’s experience of having twins and Gina’s experience of helping over twenty parents of twins in her career as a maternity nurse could be combined in a book to help all parents of twins.

Each chapter begins with Alice Beer’s personal experience of her pregnancy, birth and the early days with her babies.The chapter then continues with Ford’s routine, adapted for twins.

It begins with the pregnancy and how to get organised before the birth – along with suggestions on what not to do from Alice! The book then goes from birth and includes the complete routine up to 12 months old, so this is the only book you need to ‘do Gina Ford’ if you have twins.

Entertainingly written and with common sense from both parent and guru, ‘A Contented House with Twins’ is a must read for anyone expecting twins. Whether you intend to follow the routines to the letter or not, the book is packed with advice, humour and first-hand insight.

A Contented House with Twins by Gina Ford and Alice Beer is available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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