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Welsh Baby Names for Girls

Welsh Girls Names

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Are you looking for baby name ideas for a baby girl? Have you thought about using a Welsh name for a girl?

Trying to find a name for your baby which is unusual yet meaningful can be difficult, but choosing a baby name of Welsh origin gives you so many new and interesting choices. And it would be perfect for a little girl born on St. David's Day.

There are lots of very pretty and unusual Welsh girls names. Many of the traditional Welsh girls names are related to nature, often meaning flowers and birds as well as to the moon and sea.

Welsh Baby Names for Girls

As the Welsh language is spelt in a very different way to English the names will be that little bit more unusual.

So whether you are of Welsh heritage or simply love Wales here are some of the most beautiful, unusual and classic Welsh Girl's names that you can choose for your baby.

List of Welsh Girls Names

If you are interested in discovering more names from Wales here are some of the most popular Welsh Boys Names.

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