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30+ Gender Neutral Baby Names

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Fashions come and go when it comes to naming your baby, and one of the big trends that will only become more popular is the trend for gender neutral baby names.

The popularity of baby names can be influenced by so many things, from celebrities and sporting heroes to bestselling books and hit movies.

Gender equality and gender neutrality are hot topics as high profile celebrities choose not to be defined by any particular gender.

There are lots of good reasons for choosing a unisex name for your baby. Lots of people do not want to know whether they are having a boy or a girl until baby is born, and if you choose a name that is suitable for both a boy and a girl, you only have to decide on one name!

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Gender free, non-binary or unisex baby names are becoming more and more popular, as people strive to let their children be free to pursue their interests and tastes without perceiving those interests or career aspirations to be particularly “masculine” or “feminine”.

Parents who are intending to bring their child up as gender neutral may wish to choose a name that will not subject their child to any gender bias.

Here are some suggestions for names which are widely recognised as unisex and gender-free.

30+ Cool Gender Neutral Baby Names

Gender Neutral Baby Names

  1. Taylor - Means a tailor, one who makes clothes. The name is of English origin and has been used as a gender-free name for several decades.
  2. Kelsey - Another Old English name which is thought to mean Ship’s Victory or Ship Island.
  3. Charlie - Originally a nickname for someone called Charles or Charlotte, this is becoming popular as a given name.
  4. Lesley/Leslie - An old-fashioned name just staring to regain its popularity, the first spelling is more common for a girl, the second for a boy.
  5. Reese - A Welsh name meaning enthusiastic. In Wales it is spelt Rhys, and is more commonly given to boys.
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  7. Morgan - Another Welsh name meaning White Sea, this is a very popular non-binary name.
  8. Jordan - A Hebrew name meaning to flow or descend and named after the river in the Middle East.
  9. Devon - A Celtic name meaning deep valley dweller, which is also the name of an English county.
  10. Cameron - A Scottish name which either means crooked nose, or crooked river, this one of the classic gender neutral name.
  11. Corey - A name of Greek origin, meaning in a cauldron, or in a hollow.
  12. Jesse - A Hebrew origin name meaning God’s Gift. For girls it is more commonly spelt Jessie, but both boys and girls may spell it without the i.
  13. Jaime - The Spanish or Italian version of the name James, which means supplanter of men.
  14. Frankie - Means free or truthful.  Originally it was the familiar form of the names Frances or Francis, now it is often used as a genderlessl name.
  15. River - Means a river, very popular as a name with natural connotations.
  16. Adrian - A Latin name meaning from Hadria, a town in northern Italy, sometimes spelt Adrienne for girls.
  17. Alex - Another Latin name, originally short for Alexandra or Alexander, which means defender or warrior.
  18. Blake - An old English name meaning black.
  19. Sam - A biblical name meaning told by God.  Originally short for Samuel or Samantha.
  20. Indigo - A name that has become popular in the last few years meaning blue dye from India, probably of Greek origin.
  21. Mason - An old English name meaning a worker or artisan in stone.
  22. Hunter - Another English name which means one who hunts, and has become more popular as gender-free name in the last few years.
  23. Harley - The name Harley sounds very contemporary if it reminds you of motorbikes or a Batman character, but actually it is another Old English name which means Hare’s Meadow.
  24. Blair - A Scottish name which means plain, meadow or field.
  25. Scout - A name of American origin that means first explorer, however it is thought to have evolved from the French word ecouter which means to listen.
  26. Sasha - A Russian variation on the name Alexander, it also means defender or protector of mankind.
  27. Riley - Is an Irish name meaning valiant. Its popularity as a girl’s name has exploded recently from its use in the main character of Disney’s film Inside Out.
  28. Max - Means the greatest. Originally short for Maximillian, Maxwell or Maxine, the name is of Greek origin.
  29. Evelyn - Originally a surname, Evelyn means wished for child.    
  30. Dylan - A welsh name meaning son of the sea, now becoming very popular as a non-binary baby name.
  31. Harper - Is an English name meaning harp player, so perfect for a musical family.
  32. Tory - Often spelt Tori for a girl, it is a name of Scottish origin which means from the craggy hills. Sometimes used as a shortened version of the name Victoria as well.

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