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21 Easter Baby Names

Easter Baby Names for Spring Babies

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Are you expecting a baby around Easter time?

Easter falls at the start of spring, usually from mid-March to mid-April. Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death, however it is widely celebrated around the world as a secular spring festival, focusing on eggs, bunnies, chicks and the newly emerging spring flowers such as daffodils.

Pagan spring festivals, celebrating rebirth and regrowth, have been held around the world for many thousands of years.

Easter Baby Names

So if your little one is due around this time of year, here are a basket-full of Easter inspired baby names with meanings, perfect for Spring babies and especially for babies born around Easter Day.

Easter Baby Name Ideas For Boys and Girls

  1. Easter
  2. The word Easter itself has been used as a name for centuries, as it derives from Eostre, which was the name of the German goddess of Spring. The name was also used in many old English dialects

  3. Christian
  4. As Easter is a Christian festival, this is a popular Easter name reflecting the religious nature of the festival. Traditionally this is used as a boys name.

  5. Daffodil
  6. Although uncommon these days, this was a popular name in Victorian times. The latin name for a daffodil is Narcissus, and Narcissa can also be used as a girls name.

    Flowers have often been used as a girls name. Other spring flowers that could be used as a name include Hyacinth, Primrose, Iris, Heather and Lily.

  7. Pasqual/Pasquale
  8. This French inspired name literally means Easter, or born at Easter. The spelling with an added "e" is the feminine version of this name.

  9. Pascal/Pascale
  10. This is an alternative spelling for Pasqual

  11. Bunny
  12. Bunny can be given as a first name however it is a very uncommon, and it is usually given to a girl. Singer Bryan Adams called his daughter Mirabella Bunny.

    Obviously it simply means rabbit. It is however often used as a nickname, almost always for a man.

  13. Birch
  14. Birch is a more unusual name, usually given to boys. In Scandanavian countries it is common to decorate the home for Easter with twigs from the birch tree, which will then be decorated with feathers.

  15. Egbert
  16. Egbert is an old English Anglo Saxon name which means "bright edge" or "brilliant sword".

    Egbert was the Saxon King of Wessex from 802 to 839. The kingdom of Wessex that he ruled covered much of the south of England and included modern day London, Sussex, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Isle of Wight and Surrey.

    Biblical Names For Easter Babies

    There are lots of biblical names that would be appropriate for an Easter baby, especially those of Jesus' disciples who accompanied him in the last few months of his life, and who attended the last supper.

  17. James
  18. Two of the disciples were called James. They were James, Son of Alpheus and James, Son of Zebedee. The name means "supplanter" which means one who takes the place of.

    James is one of the names that is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, which also includes Jack, Jake, Jacqueline and Jamie.

  19. Simon
  20. There were also two disciples called Simon - Simon the Zealot and Simon Peter.

    Simon means "listen" or "heard" in Hebrew, and flat-nosed in Greek. The feminine version is Simone.

  21. Thomas
  22. This popular boys name has a Hebrew origin and means twin. It is often shortened to Tom or Tommy.

    Female version of the name include Thomasine, Thomasina and Tamsin.

  23. Phillip
  24. This name is of Greek origin and means horse-loving. The female version of the name is Phillippa

  25. Matthew
  26. Matthew means gift of God and is of Hebrew origin. The most popular feminine version of the name is Mattea. The names Theo and Theodora come from the same root.

  27. John
  28. John is a Hebrew name meaning "Yahweh is gracious".

    There are variations of the name used all around the world, including Jonathan, Ivan, Yann, Han, Juan, Gianni and Ian.

    Feminine versions of the name include Joan, Joanne, Joanna, Sian, Jane, Siobhan and Sinead.

  29. Jude
  30. Jude means praised, and it is a Hebrew name. Variations on this name include Judd and Yehudi.

    The female versions of the name include Judith and Judy.

  31. Bartholomew
  32. This is an Aramaic name, and it means "Son of Talmai", or son of the farmer. The female version of this is Bathsheba, which was very popular in Victorian times, but has fallen out of common use.

  33. Andrew
  34. Andrew means strong and manly. The name is Greek, as saint Andrew is the patron saint of Greece as well as Scotland.

    It is oftens shortened to Andy or Andi. The female variation of the name is Andrea

  35. Mary
  36. Mary was the name of Jesus' mother, and also belonged to his follower Mary Magdalene.

    The name is though to have come from the Eygptian for love, or beloved. Variations on this name include Maria, Marie, Miriam or Miryam.

  37. Joseph
  38. Joseph was the name of Jesus' earthly father. It means "to increase".

    Female versions of the name include Josepha and Josephine.

  39. Joanna
  40. Joanna was one of Jesus' disciples who was there at his crucifiction. It is the feminine version of the name John.

  41. Judas
  42. Judas Iscariot famously betrayed Jesus, selling the information about him to the Romans for 12 pieces of silver.

    I don't think that naming your child Judas would be a good idea, because nowadays describing someone as a "Judas" means that you are calling them a traitor.

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