Christmas Baby Names

Christmas Baby Names for December Babies

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Are you expecting a Christmas baby?

Here are 17 Christmas inspired baby names perfect for December babies and especially for babies born on Christmas Day, the 25th December.


Christmas itself has been used as both a first name and a surname for centuries, and simply means Christ's Mass. It was common in medieval times to name a child after the festival that they were born nearest to.


Noel is the French word for Christmas and can be used for both a boy or a girl. The feminine version is sometimes spelt Noelle.

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The magnificent evergreen tree which grows it's beautiful red berries at Christmas inspires this festive baby name.


Ivy is another evergreen plant which is always green at Christmas, which is why it is popularly used as a part of Christmas decorations.


A Carol is the name for any festive or celebratory song, but is usually associated most strongly with Christmas. Whilst it is usually regarded as a female name in the English-speaking world, it is used for both boys and girls in many parts of Europe.


This Christmas baby name is inspired by the Joy that Christmas time brings to so many people around the world.

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Jesus is a very common first name for boys in Spanish-speaking countries.


The Angel Gabriel visited Joseph to tell him that the Virgin Mary would give birth to the baby Jesus. The feminine version of this name is Gabrielle.

Christmas Baby Names for December Babies

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Angels are an integral part of the Christmas story, appearing to tell the news of Jesus' birth to shepherds. Angela is another form of this name.


Gloria is Latin and means "Glory".

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This German boys name is derived from the name Nicholas and means "people of victory".


The lovely red-breasted bird is often seen in Winter and so has become associated with Christmas.


The song Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer has made this a name that is regarded as part of Christmas. It is another old German name.


Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus. The feminine version of this name is Josephine or Josephina.

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Mary was Jesus' mother. The festive sounding name Merry is a variation on this.


Saint Nicholas was the original Father Christmas, reputed to have given money to help three daughters of a poor man to get married. However he was so modest that he gave the money secretly. Nicola is the female version of this name.

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Christmas Baby Names

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