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British Royal Baby Names

British Royal Baby Names

Image Credit: British Baby Box/OCV/eParenting

I think that we can all agree that when you have a baby, you know that it will be a perfect little prince or princess! And our perfect prince or princess most certainly deserves a name that is fit for a King or Queen.

There are many historic, classic and traditional names which have been used by members of the British Royal family throughout the centuries. Some of the girl’s names are beautiful and dignified, the boys names noble, regal and courtly. 

British Royal Baby Names

Some names have been used by multiple royal parents; some names have come into the family in just the last few years, so here some of the greatest, the most aristocratic and some of the more contemporary British Royal names that you could give to your baby or girl.

British Royal Boys Names

Here are some cool ideas for naming your baby with a British royal baby name.

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