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10 Classic, Timeless Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Fashions in baby names change all the time.

For example, when the Twilight books were popular, the babynames top 100 in the UK clearly showed the influence of the books and film franchise, with Bella a new entry in the list and Jacob moving 21 places up the listings to be the 7th most popular boy's name.

While some parents choose to name their child after a favourite celebrity - or a celebrity's offspring - others prefer a name that has stood the test of time.

Here are 10 of the most classic and enduring names that you can give your children, 10 for boys and 10 for girls.

10 Classic, Timeless Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Chosen for their longevity, these names do not include nicknames or abbreviated versions of names and are selected to be timeless and ageless, yet which still sound contemporary and modern.

10 Classic Boys Names

  1. Oliver: This name, Latin in origin, means 'olive tree'.
  2. Daniel: This Hebrew name means 'God is my judge'. Can be shortened to Dan or Danny.
  3. Thomas: From the Greek word meaning 'twin'. Can be shortened to Tom or Tommy.
  4. James: Meaning 'supplanter of men' this name is of Hebrew origin. The names Jacob, Hamish, Jamie and Seamus are all varients of James.
  5. William: A Germanic name which means 'resolute protector'. There are many shortened versions of this name, including Bill, Will and Billy.
  6. George: Another Greek name which means 'farmer'.
  7. Samuel: Yet another biblical Hebrew name which means 'God has heard'.
  8. Henry: A German name meaning 'home ruler'. The familiar version of the name, Harry, is now often given as a first name to boys.
  9. Joseph: Yet another Hebrew name which means 'God will increase'. Variants with the same meaning include Joe, Josef and Josey.
  10. Benjamin: Often shortened to Ben, this Hebrew name means 'favourite son'.

10 Classic, Timeless Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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10 Classic Girls Names

  1. Grace: This Latin name means just what it says - grace.
  2. Charlotte: The female version of the name Charles, which means 'free man'. The name is of German origin.
  3. Lucy: Another Latin name which means 'light' or 'born at dawn'.
  4. Megan: This popular Welsh name means 'little pearl'.
  5. Alice: A French name which means 'of noble kind'. Variations include Alicia and Alison.
  6. Elizabeth: A Hebrew name which means 'my God is an oath'. There are many ways that it can be shortened including Liz, Beth, Betty, Bess and Lizzy. Other variants of the name include Elspeth, Isabel, Lisa and Libby.
  7. Emma: This German name means 'whole' or 'entire'.
  8. Anna: A Hebrew name which means 'God has favoured me'. Variations include Anne, Ann and Hannah.
  9. Julia: A Latin name, derived from the Roman family name Julus.
  10. Rebecca: A biblical Hebrew name which means 'to tie, couple or join'.

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