Take Better Photos of your Children

baby in Sunglasses

Keeping a record of your children as they grow up is something most parents love to do. Don’t we just love to take photographs of everything the kids do, from birth to graduation and beyond?

However, we all too often find the pictures disappointing when they come back from processing or when we download them onto our computers. But there are some basic rules to follow which will ensure we take pictures to look back on with pleasure.

Some kids love posing for pictures and some simply will not be photographed. If you don’t want people asking if one of your children didn’t go on the family holiday this year, you may have to get sneaky with some candid shots. These are much easier if you have a zoom facility on your camera, but it is not impossible.

Take some tips from bird watchers and try some camouflage. You may need to hide your camera behind a book, towel or hat and grab a quick shot of your shy family member. Remember also that younger ones may fall for the trick where you set up the shot, yell “Hey There!” and grab a shot as they look around. However it will only work a few times during the week!

Above all try to make taking photographs fun for everyone, don’t spend ages posing the family and don’t stick the camera in the kid’s faces when they are tired and fractious.

Why not take along a cheap or disposable camera for the kids to use on days out or on holiday? After all if you keep photographing them it’s only fair that they should be able to get their own back!

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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