Summer Bucket List - 100+ Ideas For The Summer

Summer Bucket List - 100+ Ideas For The Summer

Image Credit: Elijah Hail

You've got the whole of the summer stretched before you - so what are you going to do to keep the kids entertained for 6+ weeks?!

What you need is a summer bucket list - a list of over 100 ideas for things to do in the school summer holidays.

So here is your definitive Summer Bucket List (or should that be bucket and spade list. I'll get me coat....)

Summer Bucket List

  1. Go To The Seaside
  2. Make Sandcastles
  3. Eat Ice Cream
  4. Go swimming
  5. Put your feet (or all of you!) in a paddling pool
  6. Wear sunglasses
  7. Go bowling.
  8. Make a suncatcher
  9. Go Geocaching

  10. Family Holiday Guide 2021. Self contained accomodation, self-catering, cottages and holiday parks in the UK.

  11. Find painted rocks
  12. Make your own painted rocks
  13. Go to a festival
  14. Go for a walk in the woods
  15. Sing under a bridge
  16. See an outdoor movie
  17. Go to a fair or fete
  18. Make a go cart and then ride in it.
  19. Go camping
  20. Go to your local park
  21. Try some coin rubbing
  22. Be a tourist in your own town
  23. Go to a museum

  24. Go to an art gallery
  25. Join a library reading challenge
  26. Do a summer wordsearch
  27. Have a water balloon fight.
  28. Ride in an open top bus
  29. Colour in some summer colouring pictures
  30. Use suncream.
  31. The 6 Rules of Sun Safety

  32. Learn the 6 rules of sun safety.
  33. Decorate a T-Shirt
  34. Go skating
  35. Make your own Playdough with ingredients that you already have in the kitchen.
  36. Go butterfly spotting.
  37. Wear all the same colour clothes.
  38. Go to the cinema. Here are the latest kids movies that are in the cinema right now.
  39. Wear odd socks
  40. Play hide and seek
  41. How To Organise A Nature Scavenger Hunt

    Image Credit: Ilona

  42. Organise a Nature Scavenger Hunt.
  43. Wear a hat.
  44. Re-read your favourite book
  45. Try a tie-dye with those grotty old PE T-shirts and have something unique to wear on holiday this year.
  46. Build a den.
  47. Have a sleepover.
  48. Talk in Pig Latin.
  49. Go skateboarding.
  50. Make a paper fan to help you keep cool.
  51. Tick off some of the 50 things to do before you're 11¾.
  52. Learn a few words in a foreign language

  53. Make your own ice lollies (popsicles)
  54. Make an event out of the latest family DVD releases.
  55. Donate some unwanted clothes and toys to a charity shop.
  56. Make paper planes.
  57. Write a story.
  58. Try some kid-friendly cooking.
  59. Have a proper afternoon tea with cucmber sadwiches and cake and china cups.
  60. Go for a bike ride.
  61. Make your own newspaper or magazine
  62. Visit a Farm Park
  63. Go to the theatre
  64. Make an animation.
  65. Go and feed the ducks - but don't give them bread, it's bad for them. Here are some safe things to feed to ducks.
  66. Have a picnic.
  67. Have a picnic indoors on a rainy day.
  68. Visit a 'pick your own' farm and pick your own fruit and veg.
  69. Visit a corn maze.
  70. Get messy with some papier mache.
  71. Summer Bucket List - 100+ Ideas For The Summer

  72. Record yourself speaking and be amazed at what you sound like.
  73. Take the train or bus ride instead of going by car.
  74. Play Tennis For Free.
  75. Have a dress-up day. Get out all the kids dressing up costumes, find some old clothes, bags and jewellery and try everything on. Make hats out of card or newspaper.
  76. Read poetry.
  77. Have a sports day with all the old favourites – 3 legged race, egg and spoon and a sack race.
  78. Make your own Sponge Bombs then lob them around to cool off.
  79. Make a recycled collage. Use old magazines and junk mail to make a picture.
  80. Be a tourist in your own town by visit your local monuments and museums.
  81. 10 Best Dog Walks in the UK

    Image Credit: Andrew Branch

  82. Take a dog on one of the UK's 10 best dog walks.
  83. Make your own jigsaws by cutting out pictures from magazines.
  84. Make paper lanterns to decorate the garden for a barbeque or party.
  85. Have a treasure hunt by writing clues to find objects hidden around the house.
  86. Sing along to your favourite songs.
  87. Keep a scrapbook of all your summer holiday fun.
  88. Learn to play chess.
  89. Go fly a kite.
  90. Make some leaf rubbings.
  91. Write a poem
  92. Go and see a summer pantomime
  93. Plant some seeds.
  94. Make paper boats and have your own boat race. 
  95. Be pavement artists and decorate with colourful chalks.
  96. Throw a cocktail party with these non alcoholic cocktails.
  97. Do a drawing.
  98. Check the bottom of the garden for fairies.  Take your camera and see what you find.
  99. Try to run away from your shadow - how do you get on?
  100. Summer Holiday Activities For Kids 2021

    Image Credit: Dakota Roos

  101. Paint a picture.
  102. Go bird watching
  103. Go on a minibeasts safari
  104. Go to the zoo
  105. Hug a tree
  106. If you live near an airport or airfield, go plane spotting.
  107. Dance to some music.
  108. Be really organised and get all your school uniform bought and named in good time. Maybe not the kids idea of a great afternoon out, but excellent for Mum's sanity.

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