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Saint George's Day Craft Activities

Saint George's Day Craft Activities For Kids

Image Credit: Devanath

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St. George is the Patron Saint of England, and St. George's Day is celebrated on 23rd April each year. Compared with many of the other saints day's celebrated in the British Isles, such as St. David's Day and St. Patrick's Day, we tend to be pretty low-key about celebrating, but that's no reason not to have some fun!

Saint George's Day Craft Activities For Kids

So I've collected together some of my favourite craft ideas for St. George's Day, including lots of dragons, English flags and sword and sheilds as well as some some yummy baking ideas too.

Here Be Dragons!

St. George is best know for his legendary slaying of the dragon which was terrorising England. Here are lots of dragons that you can make for yourself.

You can make these cute dragons out of pipe cleaners.

Here's how to make a fabulous dragon out of playdough (and here's how to make your own playdough at home).

This lovely construction paper dragon is based on a cardboard tube.

Craft wooden spoons are the basis for this dragon craft.

Freebies for UK Mums

This dragon pencil pot idea from Baker Ross is also based on a cardboard tube.

Experinced crafters might like to have a go at this knitted dragon baby blanket.

Harry Potter fans will love this cool dragon egg craft.

St. George Crafts

This spoon pal craft from Baker Ross could be made using foam sheets or coloured card.

Fans of Mason Jar crafts will love this St. George and the Dragon luminary.

This St. George moving model is great fun to make.

Swords and Shields

How to make a fearless dragon slayer's sword - safely out of cardboard!

Pair your sword with a homemade shield, painted with an England flag, or your own coat of arms!

St. George's Day Baking

These lovely cross of St. George sandwich biscuits are simpler than they look.

These beautiful cupcakes are a delicious idea for a St. George's Day tea party.

England Flag Crafts

This tissue paper England flag idea from Baker Ross will keep the kids busy for ages!

Make these cute England flag bugs using fluffy pom poms. You could try making your own pom poms with red wool too!

England Flag Colouring Picture

Use this Basic England Flag Colouring Picture Template for your England flag crafts, perfect for a collage or to colour in with your own design.

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