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17 St. David's Day Crafts & Activities For Kids

Daffodils for Saint Davids Day

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St. David's Day is celebrated on 1st March each year and is the national day of the Wales. St. David is the patron saint of Wales.

St. David's Day crafts are a lovely way to make your own DIY decorations for a St. David's Day celebration, so here is a collection of Welsh themed crafts that are easy and fun for children to make.

St. David's Day DIY Craft Ideas For Kids

St. David's Day Craft Ideas For Kids

So here are 17 crafts and activities suitable for children, including very young kids that are Welsh themed.

  1. Daffodil Pinwheel
  2. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, and as they are usually growing abundantly in early March they are the perfect way to decorate your house for St. David's Day.

    This lovely Daffodil pinwheel craft combines the fun ok a pin wheel (blow on it and it will spin) and the jolly yellow of this lovely spring flower.

  3. 3d Pop Up Daffodil Card
  4. Send someone a beautiful card for Saint David's Day by having a go at making this pop-up greetings card with a daffodil.

  5. Handprint Daffodil
  6. Make this handprint daffodil craft with just paint, paper and an eggbox carton to make the trumpet of the daffodil.

  7. Daffodil and Leek Suncatchers
  8. The national vegetable of Wales is the leek. On St. David's day it is traditional to wear one on your lapel!

    These gorgeous leek and daffodil suncatchers can be hung in the window to catch the early spring sunshine.

  9. Leek Craft
  10. Can you guess what this leek is made from? Just paint and kitchen roll - doesn't it look good?

  11. Welsh Love Spoon Craft
  12. A Welsh love spoon is an intricately carved wooden spoon, presented as a gift to the one you love.

    This easy to make version adds symbols of love and marriage to a basic wooden spoon.

  13. St. David Tube Craft
  14. Make your very own St. David with a cardboard tube and a free printable template to make his face, robes, daff and bible.

    You can print the template in colour ir balck and white and colour it in yourself.

  15. Make a Welsh Hat
  16. Make a welsh hat out of paper or card and a little bit of lace trim for a child, Peppa Pig or any of your favourite toys.

  17. Welsh Lady Peg Dolls
  18. Another St. David's Day tradition is to dress up in Welsh national costume.

    These Welsh Lady peg dolls are dressed in the traditional black hat, skirt, red shawl and lace apron.

  19. Welsh Lady Bunting
  20. Decorate for Wales' national day with this bunting made in the design of a lady in a traditional welsh hat.

    All made with paper, googly eyes optional!

  21. Wooden Welsh Lady Doll
  22. This doll is made from a blank wooden doll which can be bought in many craft shops.

    Here the clothing has been painted with acrylic paint and the hat mad from a scrap of black felt.

  23. Dragon Wooden Spoon Craft
  24. No instructions for these, but it looks like they are made from wooden spoons which have been painted red, then paper wings and teeth added, plus some googly eyes.

  25. Fire-Breathing Dragon
  26. The final thing that is closely associated with Wales is a firely red dragon.

    This dragon is red and fire breathing, although intended for Chinese New Year he is a lovely simple make for young children.

    A Couple Of Recipes For St. Davids Day

  27. Welshcakes Recipe
  28. Have you tried Welshcakes? They are delicious, a bit like a flat scone with sultanas. Delicious warm from the oven with butter melting on them and very tasty cold too.

  29. Daffodil Biscuits
  30. These Jolly biscuits would be a tasty treat on St. David's Day.

    If you don't have time to bake your own biscuits you could decorate shop-bought biscuits with this delightful daffodil design.

    St David's Day Printables

  31. St David's Day Colouring Pictures
  32. Welsh Dragon Colouring Picture

    We've got some super free printable St. David's Day PDF colouring pictures featuring a Welsh Flag, daffodils and this cool dragon too.

  33. St. David's Day Wordsearch
  34. St. David's Day Wordsearch

    Have a go at this fun Saint David's Day Wordsearch, which is also a free printable PDF.

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