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DIY Recycled CD Craft Ideas

DIY Recycled CD Craft Ideas

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Do you have a pile of old CDs that you don't know what to do with? Perhaps you have a bunch of those free CDs and DVDs from newspapers. Maybe you have old CD-roms to get rid off, or just a heap of scratched CDs and DVDs.

Your local charity shop does not want you to donate scratched discs, freebie discs or used CD-roms - they can't sell then and just have to put them into the bin.

How about recycling them with some of these really creative craft ideas? You can use your old CDs as the basis for lots of DIY and craft ideas. Those lovely shiny surfaces make it a wonderful material for creating bright sparkly objects and the uniform roundness of the discs make them the perfect base for making items where you need a number of identical round objects

Plus we have some other cool educational things that you can do with old CDs and DVDs too!

DIY Recycled CD Craft Ideas

Recycled CD Mosaics

Old CDs provide a wonderful material for creating mosaics - they can be easily cut up into mosaic pieces with scissors and glued to almost anything!

CD mosaics are a great way of decorating a picture frame - make your project even more environmentally friendly by decorating a frame you already have or by using an old frame from a charity shop.

Make your own disco ball Christmas decorations

Cover an tired old table to make a beautiful feature in your house.

Decorate a plain wooden tray to give it the WOW factor.

This cubic suncatcher would look fab inside or out.

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Give your houseplants a touch of glamour by decorating a plant pot.

Recycled CD Suncatchers

A lovely shiny CD makes a wonderful base for a suncatcher. Here are some brilliant ideas for crafting your own suncatchers from old CDs.

This lovely simple idea is great for kids - just decorate your old CD with Sharpies, add string and hang them up!

This is really clever - you peel the shiny coating off your CD and use the transparent disc that is left.

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Scratch art works really well with CDs, allowing the colorful metallic coating to show through.

Here is another scratch art idea.

If you are patient and a dab hand with coloured glue pens you could make something like this beautiful work of art.

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More Fun CD Recycling Crafts

This jolly turkey craft would work for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Love this cute fish craft too.

You can't see them, but these fish also actually started out as old CDs!

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Make these spinning tops and you get the fun of making the, and a toy to play with as well.

Educational idea - use your old CD to demonstrate how to make a rainbow.

Or even make your own working hovercraft!

Make a beautiful autumnal mandala mosaic using seeds and spice.

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