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Recycled Postage Stamp Craft Project Ideas

Postage Stamp Craft Project Ideas

Image Credit: Thomas B.

If you are anything like me you probably can't quite bring yourself to throw away an envelope without removing the used postage stamp from it. If, like me, you remember any of the Blue Peter Stamp Appeals or if you have collected stamp to raise money for your favourite charity you might have a large collection.

Now I don't want your favourite charity to lose out on your donation, but these postage stamp art and craft projects might just tempt you to keep a few back to try some for yourself.

If you don't have a collection of used postage stamps to use for yourself you can buy used postage stamps for craft use. If not, start saving them now and ask all your friends to save their stamps too!

Here are some fabulous ideas for using old postage stamps.

Recycled Postage Stamp Craft Project Ideas

Stamp Planters

These fabulous planters are decoupaged with stamps and are made from old tin cans, so are totally recycled.

Stamp Heart Art

Collage your stamps onto a heart shape template (you can find a blank heart-shape printable here) to make something similar to this.

Stamp Mandala

If you have a steady hand and a bit of patience you could make this amazing stamp mandala.

Decoupage Stamp Tin

This beautiful box is made from an old tin which has been decorated with used postage stamps. You may be able to find a similar tin in a charity shop, jumble sale or yard sale.

Postage Stamp Gift Tags

Decorate simple card gift tags with a pretty stamp. This would be especially good if you have managed to save any of last year's Christmas stamps.

Union Jack Postage Art

Get inspired with this beautiful work of art which uses postage stamps to make a mosaic-style artwork.

Stamp Bookmark

Show the bookworm in your life some love with this postage stamp bookmark.

Stamp Collage Greetings Card

This would make a lovely card for anyone and any occasion.

Postage Stamp Christmas Card

If you have a collection of Christmas stamps from last year's Christmas Cards, use them to make special Christmas cards for your loved ones.

Decorated Storage Drawers

These storage drawers would look beautiful on any desk. You can buy similar drawer sets from Amazon and The Works which you can decoupage.

Used Postage Stamp Lampshade

Here is another great recycling idea - find a lampshade in a charity shop and decorate with stamps for a unique home accessory.

Easter Eggs Stamp Decoupage

These lovely Easter decorative eggs are made by using your old postage stamps to decoupage wooden eggs from a craft store.

DIY Postage Stamp Jewellery

Make your own jewellery with this brilliant tutorial for how to create your own brooches.

Stamp Decoupaged Trinket Box

This lovely decorative trinket box could also be made from a wooden or papier mache box which can be found in any craft store - or you could make your own box then decorate it.

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