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50 Outdoor Garden Games and Activities For Kids

50 Outdoor Garden Activities For Kids

Image Credit: Cheryl Holt

The sky is blue, (well, it's not raining anyway!) and the kids are itching to get outside. Here are 50 ideas of things to do if you want to go outside in the garden and have some fun.

Some of these ideas are completely free and don't require you to buy any equipment, some of them require inexpensive items, or things that you may already have around the house, and a few of them are more expensive outdoor toys and games.

There are also ideas that you can use whether you have a very small garden or lots of space, and some can be used if you only have a small paved garden while others do require a larger garden.

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50 Outdoor Garden Games and Activities For Kids

50 Garden Games For Kids

  1. I-Spy
  2. British Bulldog
  3. Hide and seek
  4. Scavenger hunt
  5. Hopscotch
  6. Tag
  7. Cloudwatching
  8. Birdwatching
  9. Planespotting (if you live near an airport or airfield)
  10. Drawing
  11. Painting
  12. Planting seeds
  13. Sponge bombs
  14. Water fight
  15. Make a zipline for your Teddy
  16. Skipping
  17. French Skipping
  18. Double Dutch
  19. Cats Cradle
  20. Stone painting
  21. Slow football is a good game to play in the garden.

  22. Slow Football
  23. Bug hunt
  24. Frisbee
  25. Badminton
  26. Obstacle course
  27. Skittles
  28. Red Light Green Light
  29. Duck Duck Goose
  30. Hula Hoop
  31. Spacehopper race
  32. Trampoline

    Image Credit: Roy Porter

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  33. Tag
  34. Marbles
  35. Water painting
  36. Chalk artist
  37. Fill a matchbox
  38. Make a camp
  39. Make nature art
  40. Swings for your Garden

  41. Teddy bears picnic
  42. Bean bag tossing
  43. Garden Jenga
  44. Revision Resources
  45. Daisy chains
  46. Stargazing
  47. Simon Says
  48. Snail racing
  49. How To Choose A Paddling Pool

  50. Sack race
  51. Swingball
  52. Crayon rubbing
  53. Blowing bubbles
  54. What's The Time Mr Wolf?
  55. Stuck In The Mud

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