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Olympic Craft Activities For Kids

Olympic rings on a wall

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The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the world's biggest sporting event, which takes place every 4 years. The event is hosted by a different country each time.

In 2024 the host country is France, with the sporting events centred around the capital city Paris.

The Olympic Games will be televised around the world, however the Olympic games originated in Ancient Greece, where each city state would send there best athletes to compete. There were only a small number of events in these original games, including boxing, chariot racing, running, javalin, discus and long jump. There are now 33 different sports which are included in the modern Olympic Games.

Here are some fun and creative Olympic-themed crafts that kids can do .

Olympic DIY Craft Ideas For Kids

Olympic Craft Ideas For Kids

Here are a collection of crafts and printables suitable for children, including very young kids that are themed around the Olympic Games.

  1. Paper Plate Olympic Rings Craft
  2. The symbol of the Olympic Games are five different coloured rings - black, yellow, blue, red and green on a white background. These five Olympic rings represent represent the five inhabited continents - Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

    This craft idea uses five paper plates which you can paint, and join together to create the olympic symbol.

  3. Olympic Rings Collage
  4. If you would like something a little more involved, or perhaps to create a group project, you could collage the rings using colourful paper or fabric.

  5. Olympic Origami Bracelets
  6. This is areally cool idea - make a set of five bracelets in origami in the colours of the Olympic flag. Or just choose your favouite colour!

  7. Lego Olympic Rings
  8. If your little ones are more into LEGO than papercrafts, these LEGO Olympic rings will be fun to make.

  9. Olympic Rings Printing Craft
  10. Take the Olympic Rings as the starting point for a fun craft by using cups, toilet rolls and any other circular things you have to make ring prints in the Olympic colours.

  11. Olympic Torch Craft
  12. The Olympic flame is kept permanently alight during the two weeeks of the games to represet the continuity of the Olympic spirit. It is carried into the stadium which hosts the Olympic opening ceremony by a relay of sports men and women, lighting a huge cauldron.

    Make your own torch with this craft using card and tissue paper.

  13. Another Olympic Torch Craft
  14. This Olympic torch looks very authentic using tinfoil to create the metallic look of the actual torches use.

    Each host country traditionally designs their own version of the th torch for each games, however they are all fundamentally based on a metal tube of some variety.

  15. Olympic Torch Handprint Craft
  16. For a quicker and easier craft idea, make a handprint with orange and red paint and design your own torch to go with it.

  17. Olympic Windsock Craft
  18. Decorate indoors or outdoors with this cool Olympic-themed windsock.

    Use the Olympic colours to make a cheerful decoration.

  19. Have a Backyard Olympics
  20. Have your own Olympic games in your garden, park or back yard. Choose sports that all the family and friends can join in. Here are some ideas for making you own medals for the winners.

  21. Gold Medal Cheerio Craft
  22. The Olympics is ultimately all about the medals. may your own gold medal with this idea for using Cheerios to create the olympic rings.

  23. Oreo Medals
  24. Still on a food theme, you can make these edible gold medals using golden oreos. Tasty!

  25. More Medal Craft Ideas
  26. This crafty idea for making your own medals recycles plastic lid to use as a base to design your very own medals for a backyard Olympics.

  27. Winner's Crown Craft
  28. At the original Olympic Games held in Ancient Greece, the winners would be crowned with wreath of olive leaves rather than given a medal.

    Although this craft suggest it is for seniors, this would be doable for children as well.

  29. Gold Medal Veggie Tea Sandwiches
  30. Finish off your Olympic activities with a tasty and healthy snack such as these Gold Medal Veggie Tea Sandwiches, echoing the colours of the Olympic rings and including that most Greek of foods, the olive.

    Free Olympic Printables

    Here are some free printables for the Olympic, including colouring pictures and puzzles.

  31. Paris 2024 Olympic Colouring Pictures
  32. Olympic Colouring Picture

    Olympic Colouring Picture

    These printable Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 Colouring Pictures are free to download.

  33. Olympic Wordsearch
  34. Olympic Day Wordsearch

    This Olympic Wordsearch has words about sports which are in the Olympics hidden in it - can you find them all?

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