Ocean Themed Arts & Crafts for Kids

World Oceans Day June 8th

Image Credit: WorldOceansDay.org

June 8th is World Oceans Day - a day for celebrating the oceans and ocean conservation. It's purpose is to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our seas and to work towards cleaning up the ocean for all sea life.

Worldoceansday.org is the official website of World Oceans Day, and it has information about events for World Oceans Day and it's campaigns to help the oceans and conserve the wildelife that lives there.

Here is a whole raft of fun ocean-inspired crafts and activities.

Emotion in the Ocean

Ocean themed activities - make your own ocean in your backyard, try a ocean webquest or try out lots of oceanic crafts!

World Oceans Day - Save Our Oceans Colouring Picture

World Ocean Day Colouring Poster Print off and colour this Save the Oceans themed colouring picture.

The Octonauts love World Oceans Day The Octonauts have supported World Oceans Day for several years, and there is a super kit of resources including colouring pictures, printable posters and face painting ideas.

Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Webquest is an internet based activity for schools or homeschoolers.

Ocean Sensory Bin Adventure shows you how to make your own mini-ocean in your own back yard using items you might have around your house and garden.

Make Rainbow Jellyfish A swarm (is that the collective term for jellyfish?) of these cute and colourful jelly fish would make a cool mobile.

Recycled Green Sea Turtles These cute turtles are made from a coffe holder, but could also be made from an egg box too.

Learn Counting Skills with this cool octopus craft activity.

Seaside Printable Puzzles Seaside themed wordsearch plus an easy wordsearch for younger kids.

Oceans of Fun There are lots of craft how-tos in this article. My favourite are the Sock-to-puses - make an octopus from those odd socks that always collect on laundery day!

Something Fishy

Fish themed crafts and activities.

Ocean Themed Activities - World Oceans Day

Image Credit: Jeremy Bishop

How to Make Seashell Fish a fun fish collage using just various seashells and googly eyes!

A School of Model Magic Fish made with styrofoam and modelling clay. Plus an extremely cute turtle too.

Button Fish Picture Reused and recycled materials are used to make this cute wall picture.

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game Make your own felt fishing game, then have hours of fun playing fishing games.

Fish Photo Frame Make and decorate a fish-shaped picture frame using modelling clay.

Mini Koinobori - Japanese Flying Carp Make your own Japanese Windsock-style decoration based on a toilet roll tube.

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Having a Whale of a Time

Whale-inspired crafts and activities.

Whale Themed Activites for Kids

Image Credit: Ferdinand Stöhr

Whale Activites Some thoughtful educational ideas for using whales as a starting point for lots of learning activities.

Make A Whale Make your own whale toy from an old sock.

Printable Whale Masks Print out and pretend you ar a whale!

Some Lovely Whale Colouring Pictures Realistic pictures of Blue and Humpback Whales.

Simple Whale Colouring Pictures Simple outline pictures suitable for toddlers and younger children.

Paper Plate Whale Make a whale out of a paper plate - a nice easy craft for younger children.

Beach Baby

Fun ideas for the beach, or about the beach if you havn't made it to the coast.

Fun Beach Activities for Kids

Image Credit: Claude Piché

Build a Sandcastle - Always the most fun on the beach!

Printable Beach I-Spy Game This is a sort of beach scavenger hunt - can you find all the items on the card?

Make Some Beach Art Check out these cool beach art ideas using shells and pebbles.

Decorate Seashells with Sharpies These are rather beautiful.

Seaside Printable Puzzles Easy and harder wordsearches on a seaside theme.

Make a Seagull out of a Paper Plate Cute, easy and it won't try to nick your chips either.

Ocean Themed Arts & Crafts for Kids

Ocean Themed Activities for World Oceans Day June 8th. A whole raft of fun ocean-inspired crafts and activities.

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