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How to Make a Carnival Mask

How to make a Carnival Mask for Mardi Gras, Carnival, Karnevale or Fastnacht

There are many events and celebrations where it is traditional to wear a mask; for example Carnival, Mardi Gras, Halloween, a masked ball, a Venetian-style carnival or party.

Carnivals take place around the world at many times of year. In many countries, most notably Brazil, carnivals are held in February or March in the lead up to Shrove Tuesday. The UK's biggest carnival is held on the Late Summer Bank holiday weekend in Notting Hill, London, while in the German-speaking world, Karneval or Fastnacht is held in November.

One of the great traditions of any carnival is that you wear a mask - so what better way to join in the carnival fun but by making your own?!

If you want to make your own mask, here is a very easy design for a carnival mask to make and decorate just how you want.

Better still, it could be made completely from items you may have around the house already!

Mask-making would also be a great activity for a craft party or playdate too!

How to make a Carnival Mask - includes a free printable mask template.

What You Will Need for your Mask

Printable Carnival mask Template

You will need:

First Make Your Basic Mask Shape

Basic Carnival Mask Shape

Print out the Carnival Mask Template onto paper. You could print the mask onto coloured or patterned paper - then your mask would be ready decorated!

Glue the mask template to a piece of card. You could use cereal boxes or other packaging materials that you may have around the house. This is a great way to recycle!

When the glue is dry, cut out the mask shape. Carefully cut the eye holes out. It might be best to get an adult to do this using a craft knife, or by making a hole first with a sharp object such as the point of the scissors.

Make holes through the black dots at either end of the mask.

Now Decorate Your Mask

Carvival Mask work in progress - painted

Now for the fun bit! It’s time to decorate your mask.

I started by painting the mask using acrylic paints. You could use any type of paint or use crayons, pens or pencils.

Once your carnival mask is painted, it is time to add even more decoration!

Carnival Mask work in progress - adding decoration

Your mask should be as wild as you can make it! Maybe you could stick on sequins, stickers or glitter. I used some gem stickers which are super easy to use.

Remember not to stick anything over the eyeholes or the black dots at the side!

Once all that was done, I stuck some feathers to the back of the mask - feathers are a very popular way of decorating a carnival mask. If you don't have any, you could draw your own feathers, cut them out and stick them on.

The Finishing Touch

The Finished Carnival Mask

Finally, thread some elastic through the holes at each side. If you don’t have elastic you could use some ribbon or string and tie the mask at the back. I only had white elastic, so I coloured any of the elastic which showed to match the mask. I used a black fibre tip pen.

For a Venetian type mask, attach a stick to one side.

Your mask is now complete so have fun - it is time to join the carnival!

How to make a Carnival Mask - includes a free printable mask template.

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