17 Fun Harvest Festival Activities For Kids

17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids

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Harvest Festival is a glorious celebration which takes place in autumn. Originally it was a celebration to give thanks for a good harvest. The celebrations would usually include feasting, drinking, dancing and general merriment! A celebration of harvest time was originally a pagan festival but has been incorporated into most religions and cultures.

Nowadays, Harvest Festival is celebrated in schools and churches by the collection of food to distibute to needy people - as well as with celebrations, concerts, parties and meals.

17 Harvest Festival Activities for Kids

Harvest Festival Crafts, Games & Activities

Decorating the house or classroom is a big part of a Harvest Festival celebration, so here are lots of cool Harvest Festival themed crafts, games and activities including colouring and puzzles.

Lets start with a scarecrow, which is a traditional symbol of Harvest, as it helps keep the crops from being eaten! This cute little fella is made from popsicle sticks.

This cool drawing tutorial teaches you How to Draw Scarecrows with Pumpkin Heads . It makes it really easy - go try it!

This Craft Stick Scarecrow would look good indoors or outdoors.

If you are feeling really adventurous here is how to make a full-sized scarecrow using straw and old clothes.

Now onto some really neat harvest and autumn themed arts and crafts.

Make some big art with this brilliant idea for leaf painting.

I love this Autumn Leaves Windcatcher. This one uses fabric leaves, but I think it could work quite well with real leaves as well. Maybe you could make painted leaves on paper and cut them out to use too!

This corn cob is a quick and easy craft for younger kids.

This idea for a beautiful lantern could be adapted to any season - I think it would be great for Halloween with a pumpkin shape instead of a leaf.

Take a look at these Harvest Festival Banners which use colourful indian corn motifs - so pretty.

Leaf prints are so pretty and such fun!

Now onto some more cool Harvest Festival ideas.

Corn Dollies are a traditional decoration at Harvest time. Here's how to make them yourself.

If your kids are keen on sensory bins here is are some good ideas for a harvest themed one, using breakfast cereals.

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This shaker uses popping corn to make a fabulous homemade musical instrument.

Here are some cool Harvest Festival Printables

Harvest Festival Colouring Pictures

Here are our own Harvest Festival colouring pictures, including a corn dolly, pumpkin and horn of plenty.

Autumn Colouring Pictures

Harvest Festival Wordsearch

Stretch your brain with this Harvest Festival Wordsearch.

This Harvest colouring picture is really cute.

Finally, I love these yummy looking Scarecrow cookies.

Have a lovely Harvest Festival celebration!

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