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15 Hama Bead Christmas Decoration Ideas

Hama Beads

Image Credit: Andrew Clarke

As soon as my kids got their first ever Hama Beads set one year as a Christmas gift, they were both hooked!

If you've not had a go at Hama beads with your kids yet, you really have to try it! Hama beads - which are also known as Perler Beads in the US, as well as Fuse Beads or Iron Beads - are colourful little plastic beads which you place on to a pegboard to make a picture.

When you have created your masterpiece, you carefully iron it with a piece of paper supplied with your kit or board with an iron, and the beads all fuse together to keep your design together.

Once it has cooled down, it can then be removed from the board and it will hold together.

15 Hama Bead Christmas Decoration Design Ideas

This means that it is a really good way for kids to make their own Christmas decorations and ornaments, and the light, colourful beads already have holes in them, so it is so easy to put a piece of string or cotton through one to hang your Hama Bead decoration onto the Christmas tree.

There are lots of kits you can buy to get started with Hama Beads. A Hama Bead Starter Kit is a fantastic idea, as you will usually get a baseboard and a big quantity of beads in all sorts of different colours so your kids can make their own designs and choose their own colour schemes right from the start.

You can also buy kits of Fuse Beads from various brands which come with a pattern and instructions for Christmas decorations so that you can make up the design for that kit.

But I think it is much more fun to make your own decorations, and much more creative for your children to work out their own designs.

Hama Bead Christmas Decoration Design Ideas

Here are 15 of the very best ideas for making Christmas decorations out of Hama Beads, Perler Beads or any other type of iron or fuse bead that you may have - with bauble designs, Santas, reindeer, snowmen and even Pokemon!

  1. Easy Christmas Hama Bead Decorations
  2. This is the perfect collection of Christmas decorations for kids to begin making their own Christmas ornaments out of Hama Beads, with simple baubles, a tree, a gift, a penguin and a cute reindeer design. patterns can all be found at Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls.

  3. Father Christmas Face Ornaments
  4. Get inspired with these simple but elegantly executed Father Christmas face ornaments. Notice how the face is created in different shades of pink.

  5. Snowflake Hama Bead Ornaments
  6. This simple and elegant Hama Bead Christmas ornament design can be made in any colour you like from classic blue or white to multicoloured.

  7. Cute Snowman Face Decorations
  8. Thes cute little snowman face bead decorations would be quick to make and perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree or using to stick on your own homemade Christmas cards.

  9. Perler Mini Beads Reindeer Ornaments
  10. This design can be found at Perler.com and is designed for their own Perler Mini Bead range of fuse beads. These leaping and prancing reindeer ornaments are just utterly adorable, and the instructions are available on the Perler website.

    Free Printable Letter From Santa

  11. Pokemon Christmas Wreath Decoration
  12. This is a fabulous idea for a Pokemon Fan! It's a challenging design which can be found on the designer Rachel Pedersen's website. This will keep an older child busy for quite some time.

    Pro Tip: If you want to make a larger design like this one, which is made from 5,751 Hama beads in 24 different colours, you can join a number of smaller pegboards together.

  13. Christmas Picture Frame Ornament
  14. This delightful picture frame would make a lovely handmade gift for children to give to their parents or other relatives - add your favourite photo or drawing and stick onto a piece of card as a backing.

  15. Pixel Art Christmas Bauble Hama Bead Decorations
  16. Persuade your computer-mad kid to move away from the screen for an hour or so and have a go at making these Minecraft-inspired tree ornaments in Hama Beads.

  17. Beautiful Poinsettia Design
  18. This festive design is just so beautiful. I love to get a poinsettia every year, and this Hama Bead ornament will let you hang one on the tree too.

  19. Hama Bead Christmas Glass Jar Ornaments
  20. Love this idea. Make simple Hama Bead Christmas figures such as the tree, Santa Claus and snowman ideas shown here, then display in a glass jar with decorative snow.

  21. Hama Bead Christmas Wreath Hanging Ornaments
  22. These quick and easy ornaments require a round pegboard. They would look fabulous hanging on the tree or could be used to make your own Christmas cards.

    I love the way that in the picture here, they have been turned into tiny picture frames with festive images - you could cut out pictures from old Christmas cards or gift tags to try this idea for yourself.

  23. Festive Window Ornaments
  24. This clever decoration idea for Hama Beads uses the idea of the looking at the view from your window at Christmas. Do you want to see a snowman, a reindeer or just enjoy the snow falling?

  25. Perler Mini Beads Skating Santa Snow Globe
  26. Use Perler Mini Beads to capture the wonderful detail of Santa skating in this delightful snow globe.

  27. Gingerbread House Hama Bead Pattern
  28. This lovely design, as well as making a festive gingerbread house ornament in Hama Beads could also be made in cross stitch. I love the clever candy canes and the frosted roof!

  29. Hama Bead Reindeer
  30. Let's finish off with a truly virtuoso Hama Bead design, which is a feat of engineering. This amazing reindeer with Christmas lights in his antlers is beautiful, but I think it would be quite delicate too.. Awesome is the only word for this.

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