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10 Unusual DIY Homemade Teacher Gifts That Will Really Be Appreciated

DIY ideas for unusual and quirky gifts for teachers.

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When the end of term comes it can be difficult to come up with an original idea for a teacher gift. So a really nice thing for the kids to do is to make a unique and personal gift for their much loved teacher.

Teachers do tend to get a lot of gifts and the teachers I know have all told me that they mostly don't really like the gifts such as "World's Best Teacher" mugs, nick-nacks and other gifts that can be found in all the gift shops around town.

DIY Teacher Gifts That Kids Can Make Quickly And Easily

You want to give your teacher something that will show your appreciation but nothing overly expensive or ostentatious - some teachers can find these actually quite embarrassing to receive. (However you can find brilliant teacher gifts for under £20).

While teachers never expect gifts at Christmas or the end of term, they do appreciate the thought and there are some items that go down really well. A homemade gift or card will be appreciated by a teacher, and something just a little bit different that will leave a lasting memory, so here are 10 ideas for unusual DIY teacher appreciation gifts.

10 Unusual DIY Homemade Teacher Gifts

  1. To A Tea
  2. This Tea Wreath is a quirky idea for a teacher gift. It can be made by kids of all ages - younger kids could use larger pegs and fewer of them. Just add individually wrapped teabags - or you could include squares of chocolate, slim bisuits or a cute message.

  3. Apple Of My Eye
  4. Apple-themed gifts are pretty cliched for teachers, but these apple coasters are clever, unusual, easy to make and useful for all those mugs that teachers inevitably receive....

  5. It All Adds Up
  6. Perfect for you maths teacher, or from a kid who loves numbers, this free printable turns any bar of chocolate into a cute teacher gift wth that personalised homemade touch.

  7. It's A Plant!
  8. Plants are a lovely gift for a teacher, especially for one who has special diatary requirements, for example. What makes this one extra-special is the clever decor using chalkboard paint to create a blackboard.

  9. Tickled Pink
  10. A collection of small colour-themed items presented in a Mason Jar will go down very well indeed. If you know your teacher's favourite colour, pick that one for your collection and paint the lid to match. Quick and simple. Use an empty, clean jam jar for a recycled, environmentally-friendly version.

  11. An Apple-ing Idea
  12. Another apple themed gift that is actually useful and will be appreciated by your teacher. Apple print a plain tote bag for another unusual take on a teacher gift staple.

  13. All Taped Up
  14. This idea would be good for a maths teacher (or maybe a textiles teacher). This adorable Flower Brooch is made using ruler printed ribbon or you could recycle an old tape measure.

  15. Bee A Good Pupil
  16. This one has got me buzzing! I love a good pun, and this free printable turns a Burt's Bees Gift Box into a cute teacher gift in record time.

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  17. A-Maz-Ing
  18. Another groan-worthy pun; fill your Mason Jar with whatever candies your teacher loves. Sweet.

  19. Bring Me Sunshine
  20. Put together a 'bucket of sunshine' for your teacher - fill a metal bucket with all things yellow - yellow post-it notes, sharpies, lemon sweets and traditional yellow school pencils. Quirkier ideas include yellow nail polish or yellow jewellery.

  21. In The Frame
  22. I love these rainbow-coloured printable teacher appreciation pictures. Pick up a frame from the pound shop or a charity shop and use it to present these cute printables from I Should Be Mopping The Floor. Paint and decorate the frame for that personal touch.

  23. Write It All Down
  24. Pencil pots are a popular idea but this idea could be used to make a 100% recycled teacher gift - use a cardboard roll, empty tin from coffee or hot chocolate or an old jam jar or Mason jar. Cover using leftover string or yarn and decorate with fabric scraps.

You can also show your teacher just how much you appreciate them with this Teacher Appreciation Colouring Picture, which is free to print off.

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