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Free Easter Online Games For Kids

An Easter Illustration

Image Credit: Louise Dav

One of the brilliant things about the internet is the huge number of wonderful games that you can play, totally free.

For Easter, there are tons of free, Easter-themed online games that you can play, and lots of them are totally appropriate for kids!

While you don't want to park the kids in front of the computer for the whole holiday, occassionally it can be cold, grey and grim so early in spring.

So to keep the little ones entertained here are some of the best free Easter online games and activities. There are games with bunnies, eggs, sheep and chicks as well as Easter quizzes and puzzles too.

Free Easter Online Games For Kids

Best Kids Online Easter Games

All these fun games are great fun and some of them are even quite educational - you might even be tempted to try some yourself!

  1. Peter Rabbit's Hop To It Game
  2. In this fun game from CBeebies you have to cllect the baskets of flowers - by hopping at just the right moment.

  3. Easter Eggs
  4. Swap the eggs around to make lines of four, and then they will disappear. How long can you keep playing, before you run out of time?

  5. Shaun the Sheep Race the Flock Game
  6. In this racing game, Shaun is driving his go-kart around the farm. can you help him to avoid the - er - cowpats to finish the race?

  7. Flying Easter Bunny

    This is a platform type game, where you collect Easter eggs by keeping the bunny in the air as he flies over them

    Capture as many eggs as possible before time is up.

  8. Easter Egg Hunt
  9. Can you find the eggs, subtly coloured to blend in within each picture. The more levels you play, the more difficult it becomes.

  10. Easter Egg Hunt in Fluffytown
  11. In this toddler game it's Egg Hunt Day in Fluffytown and Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny has organised the most epic egg hunt!

    Can you spot the eggs sneakily hidden around the town?

  12. Easter Memory
  13. This is a fast-paced pairs matching memory game with Easter pictures of eggs and bunnies.

  14. Easter Hangman

    Play this classic word finding game with a selection of easter-themed words to puzzle out.

    The game does not acutally use a traditional hangman graphic, but limits the number of guesses that you can make for letters.

  15. My First Easter Quiz
  16. This surprisingly tricky quiz from CBeebies is all about Easter and what it celebrates.

  17. Easter Jigsaw Puzzles
  18. Two lovely Easter-themed online jigsaw puzzles from I'm A Puzzle, both of which can be played at different levels of difficulty.

  19. Hidden Objects - Easter
  20. There's four levels in this hidden objects game that will really test your skills. You can go searching for Easter eggs, baskets, baby chickens, and more!

    You'll have to play fast, though. There's only a certain amount of time to find everything in each cute and challenging level!

  21. Easter Word Search
  22. A classic wordsearch puzzle on an Easter theme.

  23. Eggbert's Tic Tac Toe
  24. Can you beat Dot the bunny at Tic Tac Toe (Noughts and Crosses). Just like the paper game, you have to try and get 3 in a row to win.

  25. Easter Picture Search Puzzle
  26. Can you match the sections of the Easter eggs picture to the tiny sections at the bottom of the screen? This one will really test your powers of observation.

  27. Easter Breaker
  28. Match up as many identical Easter images as you can to make them vanish. But try to not to leave only one of the images all alone on the board, or you lose a life.

  29. Easter Math Munchman
  30. This is a classic Pacman type game, where you have to use your maths skils to know where to go on the board - plus poer up by munching easter Eggs!

  31. Easter Sudoku
  32. A standard Sudoko game, but with Easter eggs instead of numbers. Get 6 different eggs into each row, and into each box.

    I'll be honest, whilst this is child appropriate, it is really hard!

  33. Easter Coloring

    Paint and add colour on these Easter-themed online coloring pages.

    You can use the mouse or touch the screen if using a phone or tablet to select a color and choose a painting tool. Then click or touch the picture to color.

  34. Henry's Egg Factory

    This is a cute game to help kids learn about colours and colour mixing.

    Henry owns an egg factory. He ran out of paint and he can't remember which paints he used to make each color. You can help Henry by telling him which colors he needs to mix to make the paints for his eggs.

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