Easter Bucket List 2021

Easter Bucket List

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The Easter school holidays are one of my favourites. I love spring when everything begins to burst into life, all the trees start to grow leaves and the flowers start to bloom!

And then we get two weeks off school to enjoy it as well!

This is the list of all the things I love to do with the kids at Easter time, all my favourite Easter bucket list ideas with things to do in the Easter holidays, Easter craft activities for kids and more.

Easter Bucket List

  1. Set up an Easter Egg Hunt.
  2. Eat some simnel cake.
  3. Do an Easter Wordsearch.
  4. Learn how to do egg decorating.
  5. Get out your pens and pencils and do some Easter colouring pictures
  6. Put together an Easter Basket.
  7. Read some rabbit themed books
  8. Have eggs for breakfast on Easter Day.
  9. Easter Bucket List

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  10. Hang eggs on a tree.
  11. Watch some rabbit themed movies.
  12. If you want to save your families teeth or have kids or friends with allergies give some chocolate-free Easter gifts.
  13. Make an Easter bonnet.
  14. Easter Bucket List - Eat some Peeps

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  15. Eat some Peeps
  16. Make Easter biscuits.
  17. Visit a farm - Easter is the perfect time of year to see spring lambs and baby ducks! Here are the UK's top Farm Parks.
  18. The weather should start to warm up by Easter so why not get out and go for a walk in the great outdoors - visit your local park, woodland or countryside.
  19. Make some Edible Fluffy Sheep with this quick and easy recipe.
  20. Go fly a kite - it is an Easter Day tradition in Bermuda, and great fun anytime if there is a breeze.

  21. Big Panto Guide 2021 - Panto is Back!

  22. Visit your local National Trust property and join in with their annual Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt.
  23. If you are really lucky with the weather you might even be able to have a picnic.
  24. Feed the birds - birds appreciate being fed all year round, so get hold of some fat balls or bird food and fill up the bird feeder.
  25. Go to see an Easter parade. Nothing on near you? Dress up in your best clothes, put on your Easter bonnet and go for a walk with friends.
  26. Catch a movie - here are the family films in the cinema right now.
  27. Go to the Panto - yes really, Easter pantomimes are a really big thing - you can find listings for Easter pantos running in 2021 on Big Panto Guide
  28. Have a go at Egg rolling.
  29. Make your own chocolate eggs.
  30. Tell some terrible Easter jokes.
  31. Make and eat some Hot Cross Buns.
  32. Make your own free printable letter from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bucket List

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