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Diwali Craft Activities For Kids

Flower Rangoli

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Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights which is celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere (or spring for those living in the southern hemisphere). Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, which celebrates the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.

Diwali is celebrated by the lighting of millions of lights - diya lamps and candles - inside and outside the home, outside doors and windows, around temples and on other buildings.

The festivities typically extend over a four to six day period, and are held some time between late September and the end of November.

Diwali DIY Craft Ideas For Kids

As well as lighting candles and letting off fireworks, during Diwali people will dress up in new clothes or their best outfits.

They will also participate in family prayers to Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity), have feasts for the whole family, share sweets, and exchange gifts with family members and close friends.

Diwali crafts are a lovely way to make your own DIY decorations for a Diwali celebration so here is a collection of diya lanterns, elephants and rangoli themed crafts that are easy and fun for children to make.

Diwali Paper Dyas

As the Diya is the most recognisable symbol of Diwali, this lovely, simple Diya decoration is a quick and simple craft for kids to do. Make loads and group them together to a colourful display.

Paper Punch-Out Diwali Lanterns

This type of lantern is a brilliant decoration for so many occasions, and this decorative version of the classic paper lantern just takes the idea to another level.

Diwali Square Paper Lantern

This clever design is a brilliant idea for using up tiny scraps of tissue paper that you may have tucked away. You could even patchwork together the smallest scraps for a colourful effect.

Diwali Decorated Tealights

This super simple idea takes simple tealights which can be bought cheaply in bulk and decorates them with glitter.

Funky Polymer Clay Candle Holder

These tea light holders, in the popular festive shades of pink and orange are made from polymer clay.

Freebies for UK Mums

Diwali Diya Paper Craft

This Diwali diya idea uses half a paper plate and a flame cut from coloured paper.

Salt Dough Diya Lamps

This beautiful diya lamp idea uses a simple homemade salt dough recipe to create tealight holders which can be decorated with colourful paints, glitter and sequins.

Origami Lotus Flower

For an older child this is a lovely craft; create a collection of origami lotus flowers in bright colours. They could be used individually, used to decorate cards or strung together to create a garland.

Paper Diya Lamp Wreath

This ingenious wreath craft takes a group of small diya pictures and collates them into one decorative diwali idea.

Recycled Milk Bottle Elephanr Craft

Elephants are sacred to Hindus and are also part of Diwali celebrations. This clever craft uses an empty plastic milk bottle to make an elephant model.

Rangoli Crafts

Rangoli designs are a big part of the Diwali celebrations. They are a temporary decoration made on the ground using some sort of non-permanent method such as rice, sand or chalk.

How To Make Coloured Sand

Here is how to make your own coloured sand for creating rangolis.

How To Dye Rice For Rangolis

This blog post explains how to dye rice and how to make rangoli from the dyed rice.

You could use these Rangoli Colouring Pictures as designs for your own rice or sand rangoli. You might need to print them onto cardstock or stick them onto a firm card backing, as the rice and sand can become quite heavy.

Hama Bead Diwali Rangoli

Another creative way to make rangoli is using Hama Beads and a round template.

Dyed Rice Rangoli

If you are very patient you could create a beautiful rangoli on the ground, like this one.

Henna Hands Picture

This clever art idea is simple and brilliant - draw around your children's hands and allow then to use their creativity to create a henna design.

Hand Clay Craft Bowls

Hand symbolism is a popular decorative theme at Diwali, and this clay craft bowl in the shape of a hand can be decorated in any style.

Diwali Printables

Diya Colouring Picture

These Diwali Colouring Pictures including diyas and candles

Diwali Wordsearch

Diwali Wordsearch

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