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15 Easy DIY Christmas Slime Recipes

15 Christmas Slime Recipes

Are your kids slime-mad? Making your own slime is so popular that some stores are running out of the glue needed to make slime!

The holiday season is coming so why not make some Christmas themed slime?

Here are 15 recipes for Christmas Slime, with instructions on how to make your own DIY Christmas slime, that are quick and easy to make with loads of ideas including fluffy slime, glitter slime and lots of santa-themed slime!

15 Easy Christmas Slime Recipes
  1. Arctic slime
  2. This frosty blue slime includes snowflakes as well!


  3. Candy Cane Slime Recipe
  4. This cute slime recipe will make slime in red and white glittery candy cane colours.

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  5. Holiday Slime Recipe
  6. This holiday slime recipe is a fun sensory play activity for children.

  7. Snow Slime
  8. This snow slime would make a cool gift!

  9. Glitter Christmas Slime Recipe
  10. For the festive season you MUST have glitter in your slime.

  11. Christmas Slime Recipe
  12. Green and white are the classic colours for Christmas slime.

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  13. Christmas Slime Recipe in a Rudolph Jar!
  14. Go one step further by making themed jars to store your slime in.

  15. Star Confetti Slime Recipe
  16. This pretty, sparkly and twinkly slime is perfect for the holiday season.


  17. Christmas Tree Slime Recipe
  18. This so pretty, using sequins to make a colourful and sparkly slime recipe.

  19. Santa Slime Recipe
  20. Classic red slime for Santa fun.

  21. Elf Snot
  22. This gruesome green slime recipe includes a free printable label for the storage jar.

  23. Cool Peppermint Slime
  24. Make pretty minty candy canes with these easy to follow instructions.

  25. The Best Gingerbread Slime Recipe
  26. Make festive gingerbread slime with real cinnamon to give that festive aroma.

  27. Grinch Inspired Slime
  28. The Grinch can't spoil this fun Christmas science experiment.

  29. Jingle Bell Christmas Slime Recipe
  30. Add little bells to make a glittery slime that sounds like Santa's Sleigh bells.

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