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Christmas Decorations To Make From Recycled Materials

Christmas Decorations To Make From Recycled Materials

Image Credit: Annie Spratt

You can buy Christmas decorations cheaply nowadays anywhere; from supermarkets to DIY stores to newsagents. But do these decorations really reflect the spirit of Christmas to you?

I always feel that the christmas decorations that my children made are the ones that really lift my spirits on a grey December day and that truely reflect the spirit of the festive season.

Here are some easy DIY ideas for Christmas decorations which are made using repurposed, recycled, upcycled & reclaimed materials - recycled Christmas decorations all homemade using materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Ideas For Making Recycled Christmas Decorations

These are all ideas that I have made with my kids, and all of them can be made from materials which you may already have around the house (or could scrounge from a hoarder friend!)

So not only are these Christmas decoration crafts made with love, they are also environmentally friendly too.

Make Your Own Paper Chains

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but we are bombarded by leaflets every day of the week. And the mountain of glossy paper that falls out of the free newspapers could make a small library if they were actually made into books.

So instead of putting them straight into the recycling bin, make them into paper chains instead. It’s easiest if you make yourself a template the size of paper strip that you want – use an old cereal packet. Then when you cut them out they will all be the same size. You can cut your strips so as they are plain colours or as patterned as you like. Glue, sticky tape or staple each together.

This lovely tutorial from Rainy Day Mum uses scrapbooking paper, but you could use any type of paper.

Recycled Christmas Decorations Using Plastic Bottles

Another material that there is always plenty of in our house that needs recycling is plastic drinks bottles - from lemonade and cola and all sorts of soda bottles to emergency water bottle purchases (I do try to take water bottle around with me, but I'm not perfect!)

Here are some brilliant ideas for how to make cool Christmas decorations by recycling those plastic bottles.

Freebies for UK Mums

Make Decorations From Old Christmas Cards

If you saved last year’s Christmas cards – or you never found a Christmas card recycling collection to donate them to - now is the time to make use of them.

Cut out any nice designs such as a Santa Claus, a bauble or candle, stick pieces of ribbon to the back and you have homemade tree decorations. Make them even more festive by adding glitter or sequins.

My favourite is this idea from Party Planning Center to make gorgeous 3D decorations for a garland or to hang on the Christmas tree.

Make Pom-poms From Yarn Scraps

Pompoms always remind me of winter, and if you have a collection of yarn oddments you could make some gorgeous pom-pom decorations like these.

Here is a really good which includes how to use a pompom maker, the old-fashioned method with cardboard circles, making a pompom with a fork or with just your hand!

I love this Pom Pom garland idea from Tara Dennis which uses pom-poms made with the simple fork method

This Pom-pom Wreath is a lovely colourful idea from Hobbycraft.

I like to make mad multi-coloured ones, but you could make pure snow-white ones, or a festive red and green mix. Shiny yarns or ones containing Lurex look great at Christmas too.

Make Your Own Christmas Parcel Decorations

A little more fiddly, but great fun, are Christmas Parcel Decorations. You need to start with small boxes about 2” or 5cm square. You could cut them down from a biscuit or toothpaste box, or make your own from old cereal boxes using this clever pattern from The Spruce.

I would suggest that you use sticky-tape to make the boxes - if you glue them you have to hold it together until it is dry. Next use up those tiny scraps of Christmas wrapping paper you can’t bear to throw away, or the paper from early gifts which have already been opened by impatient kids!

Wrap the presents up just like the real thing; tape the paper down then tie ribbon or shiny yarn around the boxes to make the loops to hang them on the tree.

Upcycled Glass Jar Penguin Decoration

Upcycled Glass Jar Penguin Decoration

Another lovely way to make decorations from items that would otherwise be sent for recycling is to decorate glass jars such as Mason jars. This Easy Penguin Mason Jar Craft For Kids uses and old pickle jar to make a fun and cute jar that could be used to hold pencils, candy canes or sprigs of holly or any other evergreen plant.

It is very simple, requires only some paint and can be made in an afternoon.

More Christmas Decorations To Make

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