25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make

Image Credit: Jez Timms

If you are like me, you look forward to making a warm and welcoming home for your visitors this Christmas. The first thing that your Christmas visitors see is the wreath that you hang on your front door!

I personally love to make Christmas decorations, especially ones using living materials such as leaves and branches as well as wreaths made from recycled and repurposed materials.

Decorating your home with the branches and leaves of evergreen plants and pine cones is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, when it formed part of the celebrations of the winter solstice. In the darkest, coldest time of the year, our ancestors warded off the dull grey days with feasting, music and drinking!

So here are 25 wreaths that you can make as part of your decoration for the holidays. Of course, you can hang them indoors or outdoors.

As well as wreaths made from natural materials such as branches, leaves, berries, pine cones and dried fruit, some of the other ones that I have chosen are be made from fabric - you can use up scraps of material that you have around the house or recycle old clothes and linens.

Others use old retro Christmas decorations - if you have a glut of baubles these wreaths are a really good way of using them to make a unique and personal handmade wreath for your home.

Finally you can bedeck your wreath with festive ribbons and bows for that finishing touch!

25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Wreaths To Make

Beautiful Homemade Christmas Wreaths to Make

Each one of these wreaths is chosen because there are instructions how to make them, so you can recrate every pne of these beautiful wreaths yourself.

This classic wreath uses a variety of leaves and berries.

This beautiful Christmas wreath includes cinnammon sticks to make your home smell wonderfully festive.

Steal this idea and make your wreath in festive red, green and white!

This luxurious design uses spray paint and gold leaf on real preserved leaves.

Use a wreath ring as a basis for this colourful wreath made with baubles.

Another wreath which uses a polystyrene ring as a base, and wrapped with felt strips in festive shades.

Do you save all the bows and scraps of ribbon from chocolate boxes? Yes? - me too! Use them to make this festive wreath.

Use an old book to make this lovely wreath.

This beautiful idea uses beautiful origami papers folded to create the decorations for your wreath. (The page is in German, but Google translate is your friend here!)

This one uses cool green pine twig combined with luscious red berries, finished with a gold bow.

Another wonderfully clever idea for recycling books that are in too poorer condition to donate; use it to make these beautiful paper roses.

Mix natural materials and festive baubles for this beautiful Christmas wreath.

Use Christmas-themed craft papers or old Christmas cards to make this wreath, then finish with red, green and white buttons - so pretty!

Two for the price of one here, with a clothes peg wreath which you can use to display your Christmas cards.

Use scraps of burlap to make this rustic-style wreath.

Collect all your brightly coloured felt scraps to make these feathery wreaths.

This is a brilliant no-sew idea for using up your fabric left-overs, making pretty flowers with a button centre.

What can I say, but this is quite simply a work of art. The whole wreath is crocheted and includes baubles, flowers and a bird. Maybe it is the partridge in the pear tree?

This beautifully simple wreath uses materials that you can forage from your garden.

To be honest, I don't think I would have enough self discipline to make this one, I would eat all the marshmallows before I finished making it, but it looks fab, doesn't it?!

This wreath uses dollar store snowflake decorations.

Perfect for the kitchen, this wreath uses pre-

REATHS TO MAKEcut gingerbread shaped foam, but you could cut them yourself if you are patient, or even use real gingerbread men - use a recipe for gingerbread that is intended for tree decorations.

If your Christmas decor style is more minimalist, this would fit in beautifully.

This is just gorgeous and festive, I am just stunned.

What a beautifully simple idea, spray paint your pine cones into one wreath, and trim with a ribbon bow.

This beautiful and very glamorous wreath could be made using a church from a Christmas card.

Use a collection of retro baubles to make this beautiful Christmas wreath - you could even use any old favourites which have become damaged - just glue them on the damaged side.

If you are lucky enough to have winter flowering plants, include them in your wreath. this tutorial will show you how.

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