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15 Baby Footprints Valentines Day Crafts

A pair of baby's feet

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Baby's feet are just one of the cutest things ever, aren't they? Wouldn't it be lovely to remember how sweet and adorable they are by taking a print of them and creating some Valentine's crafts with baby feet prints?

St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year and is the day where we let the people that we love know just how much we are about them.

Making a print of your baby's foot will give you a permanant record of just how tiny and cute your little ones feet are. And as they naturally form a heart shape they are just the perfect thing to use to create a beautiful handcrafted Valentine's day card or gift.

So here are some baby footprint Valentine's Day craft ideas, along with instructions on how to take the perfect baby footprints.

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas For Baby Footprints

Here are some adorable DIY Valentines Day crafts that you can make with baby feet.

  1. Baby Footprint Canvas
  2. Choose a simple red paint to create a canvas picture with the word love which uses the baby foot prints as the letter "V".

  3. Love Handprint Art
  4. If you can persuade baby to make a handprint as well as two footprints, this Love Handprint Art would be a fabulous idea to make for Valentine's Day.

  5. Baby Feet Heart Design Card
  6. This is really beautiful. If you want to try this, you would need to make the footprints first and draw the heart shape afterwards rather than trying to aim your child's foot inside a heart shape!

  7. Valentine's Baby Footprint Craft
  8. If your foot prints are not evenly spaced, you can still make an attractive heart design for a baby's first Valentine's card.

  9. DIY Valentine's Day Card
  10. If you are clever at caligraphy you could try this idea by writing over your baby's footprint once it has dried.

    If you don't have a lot of prints to practice on, you could photograph or scan your best images to make extra copies.

  11. Baby Footprint Strawberry Card
  12. Your baby's feet may naturally fall into a heart design, but there are lots of other pictures that can be created from the footprints. How about turning your child's feet into a tasty strawberry?

  13. Butterfly Baby Foot Valentine's Day Card
  14. Another design that can be created really easily from a baby footprint is a butterfly. This Valentine's canvas uses the feet to create the wings of the butterfly.

  15. Baby Feet Apple Card
  16. The person who made this card had cleverly visualised it as an apple, and the message "I love you to my core" fits perfectly.

  17. Love Bug Footprint Card
  18. If you can only get a good print of one of your baby's feet, turn it into a love bug!

  19. Salt Dough Heart Footprint Keepsake
  20. Another way to preserve your baby's footprints is by pressing them into salt dough to make an three-dimensional impression of them. This is a really beautiful idea where the footprints are painted to make them really stand out.

  21. Lace Trimmed Heart Card
  22. This footprint card is beautifully presented with a lacy edging applied.

  23. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
  24. Red roses are a very popular symbol of Valentines Day, and if your little one likes the whole printing process, you could make your baby's feet into a whole bunch of red roses.

  25. Framed Baby Footprint Art
  26. A framed picture would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift. This idea includes a sweetly thought out message and some red buttons as a trim too.

  27. In Daddy's Footsteps
  28. Create a double footprint card with a parent to emphasise just how precious and tiny a baby's foot is.

  29. Love Wall Sign
  30. This beautiful wall sign would look fantastic hung up all year round. Make sure that you sand the wood down so that baby doesn't get any splinters in their foot!

How To Make A Baby Footprint

Before you make your craft ideas, you are going to need to create your baby footprints. If you've never done this before it can be a bit intimidating, but here some tips to make printing your baby's feet as easy as possible.

You Will Need:-

Instructions For Making A Baby Footprint

  1. Make sure that both you and baby are relaxed and happy, and that you have plenty of time. This is not something that you can do in a hurry, and you both need to be calm to ensure that baby will co-operate!
  2. It might be an idea to do this quite near to bathtime, so that you can clean any remaining paint off more easily.
  3. Make sure that baby is wearing clothes that can be washed if they get any paint on them. If it is warm enough, you could strip down to the nappy.
  4. Take off baby's socks and any trousers.
  5. The trick with this is to do each foot separately; don't try to do both at once, as your baby's feet will not co-ordinate with one another.
  6. Gently hold your baby's foot and put the paint or ink on to the foot. If you are using poster paint, use the sponge applicators or scrunch up a paper towel and dunk it into the paint. If you are using an ink pad, apply it directly to the feet.
  7. Finally, press the piece of paper onto baby's foot quickly and remove quickly to avoid smudging.
  8. Repeat for the other foot, and leave your prints to dry.
  9. Finally, wipe off any excess paint with the tissues or baby wipes.
  10. If your baby is clearly not enjoying it or becomes upset, stop and try again another day.

This video shows you how to make a print of your baby's foot and then create a lovely butterfly print with your baby's footprints.

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