Top Ten Travel Games

Uno - A Great Travel Game

Mother of three Alex Freeman tells us how she avoids those "are we nearly there yet?" moments.

  1. Uno Brilliantly straightforward, it can easily be understood by any school age child, but is still fun for the parents. Colours, numbers and symbols must be matched and cards got rid of; there are a few twists, to make it more interesting. Available from
  2. Tamagotchi Out of an egg hatches your child's own little electronic friend, and it is up to them to look after it. Two or more can connect and play games with each other. Modern Tamagotchis can be paused, so they don't die while you're asleep! The sound can be turned off too, if you can't bear those annoying bleeps. I recommend you buy a neck strap for them, so you don't have to retrieve them from the floor of the car while you are driving. Many different versions available from
  3. Travel Chess Children from about age 6 can start to learn a game that will last them a lifetime. Check out the magnetic and electronic versions that are available on
  4. Travel Scrabble Recommended from age 10 and loved by adults too, the game of scrabble will get everyone thinking and using their literacy skills. Travel version has clip in letters and is available from
  5. Top Trumps Dozens of versions are now available, featuring everything from Doctor Who to Narnia, Power Rangers to Winnie the Pooh, there is a Top Trumps set to match any childs ability and interests from about age 4. Available everywhere. Try
  6. Travel Cluedo This handy version of an old favourite will delight a new generation of players. A murder has been committed and it is up to you to use deduction to solve the mystery. Recommended from age 8 and available from
  7. A Pack of Cards Recently voted the best game for all ages for value and flexibility; very young children can use them for snap, and their repertoire of games can grow with them. Hundreds of different versions are available with appealing designs on them or familiar characters instead of the usual picture cards: for younger children giant size cards are available such as this Toy Story Giant Card Game; older children will love The Simpsons Playing Cards available from
  8. Pit Everyone can be a commodity broker with this fun but easy card game. Trade cards with others to corner the market. Can be enjoyed by all ages from 6 to adult. Available from
  9. Bohnanza This one is for older children and adults, being recommended from age 12. Cards show different types of beans which must be planted to earn gold. Some varieties earn more than others, so you must plan carefully and trade unwanted bean cards. A game to get everyone thinking. Available from
  10. Rummikub Travel Game Played like the card game gin rummy, this game uses numbered tiles which must be got rid of by creating a run or a set of three the same. It comes in a handy travel pack and is available from

About the Author: Alex Freeman is a freelance writer specialising in parenting and family topics and can be contacted via eParenting.

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