How To Get The Most Out Of A Day At Legoland

Legoland Windsor

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Legoland is the most popular family attractions in the UK. Set in lovely grounds which allow a view across London (on a clear day you can see Wembley Stadium) and with rides to appeal to kids of all ages it is the perfect day out.

I am fortunate enough to live only a few miles from Legoland and for many years have bought annual passes. This means that that my family and I have visited Legoland several times a year for many years and it has always been my children's first choice destination whenever they were asked “What shall we do today?”

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After years of visiting Legoland regularly I have worked out a pretty good action plan for how to get the most out of a day there. You can use these tips whether you are making a whole day of your visit to Windsor or are only popping in for a couple of hours. It also means that you don't need to spend extra on things like Q-Bot to get onto your favourite rides.

Get There Early

Be parked up in the car park and get inside the park entrance well before opening time. If you are buying tickets on the day there will be a queue at the ticket booths, so allow time for this. Once inside, walk down as close to the barriers as you can.

Next, decide which ride you most want to go on. There are a number of rides at Legoland which are massively popular all the time – the ones where the queues are regularly over 2 hours. So if you want to go on rides such as Viking River Splash, Laser Raiders, The Dragon, Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench, Boating School, or Dino Safari head straight down there - as fast as you can.

Don’t take the hill train either. There will be a massive queue and it will slow you down. Save your train ride for the end, you’ll really appreciate it when your legs are starting to ache I promise!

Don’t Forget Your Waterproofs

Lots of rides are wet. Very wet. So bring your water proofs and carry everything in a waterproof bag. Bring a plastic bag to put a leather handbag in if you go on the Viking River Splash.

Hit the Restaurants at Midday

If you are planning to eat at one of Legoland’s Restaurants they start to fill up at 1pm. Get there as soon after twelve as you can. If you’ve got there early you will be hungry enough by then anyway!

Combine A Picnic With Miniland

Miniland is a model village made completely from Lego and is surrounded by lots of grassy areas. It’s also much quieter than the main part of the park so is the best place to sit if you’ve brought your own lunch.

What If It Rains?

Most Legoland visitors are a hardy bunch and a little bit of rain does not put them off! If it gets really busy the indoor attractions such as the movies, Imagination Centre and the Restaurants do fill up quickly.

What To Leave Until The End

Some rides never seem to require too longer wait. The Spinning Spider (which we all LOVE) often has surprisingly short queues. Toddler-focussed Duploland is usually quieter than the rest of the park (don’t miss Fairy Tale Brook, it’s so sweet).

Go on an INSET day

Hate queuing? Want to walk straight onto all the most popular rides? Go on a day when most other kids are at school. Later in the summer term you will find the park full of school trips, so before May half term is best.

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About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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