Where to Buy School Uniform Online

Best Value Places To Buy School Uniform in the UK

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We all know that buying school uniform can be hell; you go the shop and you can only ever find half the things you need in your kid's size. It is way easier to get these things online.

While many secondary schools demand that you buy unique uniform from a specific supplier, primary schools will often let you buy from anywhere, as long as it looks like school uniform, for example any plain white shirt may be acceptable, or any smart grey skirt.

Even secondary schools may have some flexibility with shirts and plain black trousers, for example. Although my kids are now both in secondary school, I still get their shirts from Marks & Spencer, as they are a lot cheaper than those from our local school uniform shop. They also come in a variety of fits and I find them to be better quality than ones from supermarkets, for example. Which makes them much easier to iron, and I hate ironing!

Places To Get School Uniform Online

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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