Eating Together = Family Health & Happiness?

Eating Together = Family Health & Happiness?

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There’s no doubting that it’s often a challenge to get the family sat down to a meal together. Parents working longer hours, kids with more schoolwork and busier social lives than ever, and let’s not even mention the less-than-enthusiastic reactions – or the fact you’re probably trying to get them eating nutritionally! So is it worth persevering with the family meal?

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For behaviour analyst Judi James, from Nutrition and Fitness the answer is a resounding yes! The results can impact family harmony, health and happiness.

“Eating together as a family is an important psychological ritual that echoes the hunt/kill/eat rituals of our ancestors,” she explains. “Although food is now in constant supply, it’s useful to maintain a ritual that was created when it was rare, as the feeling of celebration and team-work can have a therapeutic and bonding effect on the family unit.”

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Beyond the lovely healthy family meal you put on the table, Judi spells out the social and psychological benefits:

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Plus there are wider benefits:

So, with a tough year looming for many families, could now be a good time to reintroduce your family to preparing and eating meals together when you can? 

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