A Basic First Aid Kit

First Aid

It is useful for every household to have a first aid kit. A first aid kit should contain the basic equipment needed to mange minor injuries.

As part of your First Aid Kit it is useful to have a first aid manual; however it is important to read this before you have an emergency, as you don’t want to be trying to find the page for how to deal with a deep leg gash while blood is spurting! A selection is available at Amazon.co.uk.

Better still, you could take a basic first aid course such as the type organised by the Red Cross or St John Ambulance.

According to NHS Direct, a basic first aid kit should contain:

You can buy a ready-made first aid kit at Amazon.co.uk or The Red Cross, however none contain absolutely everything on his list, so you may wish to add items of your own. It is also important to check that items such as creams and tablets are in date, and replace them as necessary.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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