Fun In The Snow For Kids

Snowy branches

Our readers from North America and Canada undoubtedly think we British are gripped by a strange madness when it snows. A couple of inches of snow falls and the country grinds to a halt; schools are closed, roads become gridlocked and a predicted 2cm (that’s less than an inch) of snow can be a top news story.

Ok, most of the UK doesn’t get very much snow very often, so when it does the excitement goes to our heads!

If it snows, you have to seize the moment and make the most of it - it might melt before lunchtime!

Be Prepared

If there is a possibility of snow, hunt out gloves, scarves and boots the night before. It would be a shame to miss the best of the snow because you couldn’t find warm clothing.

Only A Little Snow?

You can still have fun. Get out and see how beautiful the world looks with a dusting of snow. Get out the camera and photograph that beauty.

A Proper Snowfall

Great we’re in business! Time for snowball fights! Be careful that you don’t pick up stones with your snowballs and warn everybody to aim for the chest and never the face.

You might also be able to make a small snowman – frankly it’s obligatory to try to build one even with the most meagre of snow falls.

Write messages in the snow.

A Really Heavy Snowfall

Not a likely occurrence for most of the UK, but hey, it has happened a couple of times in the last few years!

Snow Angels are great fun. Lie down in the snow on your back with your arms open wide. Move your arms from your ears to by your sides a few times. This makes the wings. Now open and close your legs a few times. This makes the angel’s skirt. Stand up carefully and admire your handiwork.

Build a snow house. If you have enough snow you can dig out your house, otherwise build up the snow into walls to mark out the rooms. Mould chairs and tables from the snow you have dug out.

Snow Moulding can be done using toys from the sandpit, or any suitable containers. Snow will work just like sand for making snow-castles. Just like with sandcastles, you have to work out the right amount to pack the snow down into the bucket.

More Cold Weather Fun

To finish, I have to pass on this lovely idea that I saw on, to make an icicle sun catcher. Take a shallow frost-proof container such as a pie tin and fill with leaves, pine cones, acorns, twigs etc. I would guess that you would also need to include a piece of strong string or twine, folded in half with just the folded end in the container. Leave outside to freeze, take it out of the container and hang up in a tree to catch the sun.

About the Author: Jacqui O’Brien is the editor of eParenting.

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