Cinco De Mayo for Kids

Cinco de Mayo Dancer
Image Credit: pocheco

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on the 5th of May each year in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is the Spanish for "fifth of May". It is primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, Mexico with some limited recognition in other parts of the country.

The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza SeguĂ­n.

In fact it is generally thought to be celebrated more in the US than Mexico itself, as a demonstration of Mexican national identity by Mexican immigrants.

For the most part the celebrations combine food, music, parades and dancing. The celebrations tend to draw both from traditional Mexican symbols and from prominent figures of Mexican history. To celebrate, many display Cinco de Mayo banners while children learn about its historical significance. Pinatas also often feature prominantly in these celebrations.

Special events and celebrations highlight Mexican culture, especially in it's music and regional dancing.

If you want to make your own Cinco de Mayo festival here are some ideas.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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