7 Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day, held in the UK on the third Sunday in June, is the day when you can show Dads just how much you love them! Father’s Day is celebrated from Europe to the US, from Russia to Thailand and although the date varies from country to country, the message of appreciation of Fathers remains the same.

Here are 7 ideas for things that you and the kids can do for Dad to show your appreciation.

  1. Make A Card. The making aspect is very important here, the more bizarre the spelling and the more idiosyncratic the artwork the better. I think than any bought card, no matter how beautiful, is never as special as a homemade one. It can also give a fascinating insight into what your children think is important – or think is important to you!
  2. Make A Gift. Again, the homemade aspect is the most important thing. There are some super ideas for gifts to make for Father’s Day at Family Corner and KinderArt
  3. Give Dad A Lie-In. Now, I know that the kids will be desperately keen to present Dad with their handiwork, but gently remind them that as it is Father’s Day, he may not want to be woken up at 6am. Of course for some Dads, a weekend lie-in won’t be a novelty...........
  4. Breakfast In Bed. A traditional treat, just remember once again not to make it too early!
  5. Take Him Out For The Day. Find out where Dad might like to go. Does he prefer to be taken out for a meal (you’ll need to book early for that one) or is there somewhere he would like to visit – a garden, the beach, a theme park or maybe to see a show? You’ll know if he prefers a surprise or likes to know ahead of time what’s going on. Make a day of it for all the family.
  6. Cook A Special Meal.
  7. Give Him A Hug. The best gift of all, and completely free. Don’t just save it for Father’s Day!

About The Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the editor of eParenting.

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