The Most Controversial Parenting Books Ever

There are a huge number of parenting books available in your local book store. Whatever style of parenting you aspire to, there is a book to help you out! Some parents favour routines and discipline, others choose a more laid back parenting style.

There are however a number of books that seem to cause controversy, either because they offer parenting suggestions that are contrary to what is currently fashionable, or because they seem to take an extreme or inflexible view of child rearing.

Some of the books listed here have ideas which may seem extreme, weird or just plain daft. Some of them seem like harder work for the parents than for the child. I personally don't believe in sticking rigidly to anyone else's parenting methods, however I do believe that there is always something that can be learnt from these books. Who knows, you might just find the answer that you're looking for!

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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