Monster and Chips - Review

11th March 2013

Monster and Chips by David O'Connell

Toe Cheddar Cheese on Toast (and Chips).  Squibbled Tongue of Toad (and Chips). Grilled Bogburger with a Mucous Relish (and Chips). These are just some of the dishes on offer in Fuzzby’s Diner, setting for the new book Monster and Chips, written and illustrated by David O’Connell.

When Joe Shoe stumbles upon Fuzzby’s Diner whilst escaping from the school bully (and looking to buy chips). He soon finds himself employed as an assistant in the kitchen and discovers a whole new world of weird and unusual creatures.

Aimed squarely at age 7+ children who have enjoyed the Wimpy Kid, Donut Diaries or Tom Gates books, Monster and Chips features a giggle-a-minute text accompanied by cartoon style illustrations and humorous asides from the books minor characters.

‘Hooman’ Joe is just as much of a curiosity to the monsters as they are to him, but after a shaky start he is accepted enough to be smuggled into Monsterworld itself for the filming of Monsterchef.

The food on offer may make you feel a bit queasy but the humour is spot on – there are chuckles on every page are a few real laugh-out-loud moments too.

This is an extremely enjoyable and entertaining debut book from O’Connell, and a follow up to Monster and Chips, The Night of the Living Bread, is already pencilled in for publication later this year.

Monster and Chips is available from and

The full colour ebook version of Monster and Chips is available for Kindle from, as well as at Kobo and Google Play.

About the Author: Jacqui O'Brien is the Editor of eParenting.

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