10 Tips For Naming Your Baby

Baby Naming Tips

Choosing a name for your baby is a serious business!

Your child is the one who will have to live with their name, so you need to choose it carefully. Here are some tips for choosing a baby name.

  1. If your surname is long, be wary of giving your child a long first name; apart from being a bit of a mouthful it will be very hard to fit their whole name whenever they have to fill in a form!!
  2. If your surname is only one syllable, a longer name will probably sound better than a short first name.
  3. The next consideration when naming your baby is, will the name sound right? Say the whole name out loud to make sure that it is not difficult to say, or in case it just sounds plain wrong with the surname. Do the same if you are going to give them middle names, making sure that the whole name flows nicely.
  4. Check that your child’s initials will not spell out anything rude or that their initials could mean something else and cause them to be teased.
  5. Beware of naming your baby after a favourite celebrity. This year’s big star can so easily be next year’s joke; your poor child could be terribly embarrassed and again is quite likely to get teased.
  6. Your family may have expectations that your baby will be named after a family member. Ultimately it is your baby, so it is your choice. If you really feel that you don’t want to upset someone, you can give it as a middle name.
  7. Many names have a nickname that is often used, or a usual way of shortening it. Be sure that you like that nickname as much as the full name, as your child’s friends will probably use it even if you don’don't.
  8. Will the name be as appropriate to an adult as to a child? Some names which are cute for a small child can sound rather silly for an adult.
  9. Unusual spellings of common names are asking for your child to endure a lifetime of being misspelt.
  10. One middle name is nice and will help differentiate your child from others who might have the same name. Two middle names can sound quite regal; more than that is over the top and distinctly chavvy unless you are genuinely in line to the throne.

Best of luck choosing your baby’s name!

About the Author: Jacqui O’Brien is the editor of eParenting.

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