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When the warmer weather arrives you may be thinking about buying a trampoline for the garden. There are many good things about trampolining - they are a good form of healthy exercise as well as being great fun.

However according to RoSPA’s accident figures for 2002 11,500 people in the UK went to hospital after an accident with a trampoline – up 50% over a five-year period - with 4,200 of them being under-15.

Tellingly, approximately 75% of injuries occur when more than one person is on the trampoline. The person weighing less is five times more likely to be injured and children under six years old are particularly vulnerable to injury. Adult supervision is no guarantee of safety - more than half of all trampoline accidents occur whilst under supervision. However a trained ‘spotter’ can greatly reduce this risk.

Here is RoSPA’s advice to parents who are considering getting a trampoline

Trampoline Safety Advice

RoSPA also recommend that you set rules for using the trampoline (see below) and discuss them with your children. Tell your children about the risks of not using the trampoline properly. Have your children remove jewellery, necklaces and clothing that may catch. Inspect the trampoline before each use to make there are no holes or that the frame has not become damaged. Also check that the padding is correctly and securely positioned and the leg braces are locked.

Rules For Children

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